Health & Beauty Chat October 2021

Dr. Gerry Ahrens.

Featuring Dr. Gerry Ahrens of Ahrens Orthodontics


By Ella Treinen
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


At Ahrens Orthodontics, father-son duo Dr. Douglas and Dr. Gerry Ahrens work to bring out patients’ radiant smiles for a living. Ahrens Orthodontics has been delivering quality care and state-of-the-art services since 1976. They offer personalized orthodontic treatment from the Ahrens family to yours. For this month’s column, we spoke to Dr. Gerry Ahrens to learn more about the unique services and atmosphere at Ahrens Orthodontics. 

Can you provide me with some background on Ahrens orthodontics and the history of the business?

Ahrens Orthodontics is and always has been a family business. We have been treating Louisville, Crestwood and Taylorsville for more than 40 years! I began with the practice of tracing “pretend cephs” when I was 10 years old on Saturday mornings. I advanced to the lawn boy for the offices, pulling charts and working as an assistant to the practicing orthodontist and carried on the torch from my father.  

What sets Ahrens Orthodontics apart from other orthodontics offices?

At Ahrens Orthodontics, we are a private practice with no intention to become a large, corporate orthodontic group. We take pride in having personal relationships with our patients and community. Our practice has had a banner year, being voted the Best Orthodontic Practice in Louisville by VOICE Louisville, Courier-Journal and USA Today! These accolades are a direct reflection of hard work, an amazing staff and being very blessed. Multiple team members have been with our practice for over 20 years, which has been pivotal in treating three to four generations of some families.


What makes orthodontics at Ahrens best suited to give patients a smile they love?

The combination of experience, technology, and caring people results in a practice that loves and enjoys what we do. I am so very lucky to be an orthodontist and to be a part of our patient’s lives. There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on a patient’s face the day you finish and knowing the lifelong confidence you helped to create.  

How does Ahrens Orthodontics prioritize a personable relationship with their clients?

We strive to get to know each patient beyond just a name. Our practice loves to learn what teams you are on, what instruments you are playing, or which sibling is the most annoying; all of which contributes to not just straightening teeth, but to having fun while we do it!

What are some unique services offered at Ahrens Orthodontics?

The technology of IntraOral Scanners, 3D printers, digital models, bone stimulation appliances and the use of Dental Monitoring allows us to treat smarter, quicker, less painfully, more accurately even from farther distances. At Ahrens Orthodontics, we offer numerous types of brackets, clear aligner companies, retainers and TMJ splits for a customized treatment plan that caters to our patient’s needs and wants!

Ahrens Orthodontics
2015 Herr Lane
Louisville, KY 40222

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