Health & Beauty Chat January 2022

Whitney Rankin and Meghan Ogden.

Louisville’s new and multiple Bestie Award-winning salon gives potential brides the key to confident and healthy hair


By Rachel Porter
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Before a bride can even think about walking down the aisle, they must not only look but feel beautiful. TRIM NuLu, the newest high-end hair salon in downtown Louisville, shares some of the current bridal hair trends and their tips on how to ensure a bride’s hair is flawless. We spoke with the CEO, Sean Stafford and Louisville’s Best Hair Extension Specialist Katie Dunn to learn more. 

When should brides start planning for their hair?

Weddings are typically seasonal, the spring and fall. For that reason, planning ahead of time is essential. Once you set a date, book accordingly for your trial hair appointment and secure the actual wedding day appointment to worry about one less thing. It’s imperative to make sure the color, overall look and extensions are just right. We have appointments booked for a year and a half out by now, and those days are locked down; therefore, planning is vital.  

How can brides prepare their hair to be the most healthy?

We like to make a plan for hair health. We take it very seriously, and it is a part of our daily routine for any guest.  We recommend proper shampoos and conditioners as well as using a heat protectant. Undergoing deep conditioning treatments and keeping up haircuts is helpful. It’s also important to make sure your hair tool is not too hot, and if you do have extensions, to not go to bed with wet hair. For the extensions, you want to use something that has plenty of hydration included since extensions do not receive nutrients from the scalp. As a Redken salon, we love the product One United Multi-Benefit Treatment leave-in spray that detangles, conditions and protects all-in-one to help keep your hair, extensions or not, soft and hydrated. 

Meghan Ogden.

What are some of the current bridal hair trends?

Many brides still request an updo look, but it’s not as tight and harsh as some of the styles from the past. For those who do not have enough hair to get their desired look, extensions help tremendously. It’s an easy transition to caring for them and doesn’t change your daily hair routine. Hair extensions are a significant accessory, particularly now because of how the styles have evolved. In the past, all of the hair would be pulled up, whereas now, the boho style is trendy, and looks are more soft, romantic and loose. We also see a lot of half-up and half-down looks. Brides are also accessorizing with clips, combs and even fascinators instead of a veil. We are in a time where everything is in and goes! 

How does a bride choose the perfect hairstyle to compliment their dress?

A sleek updo is a timeless option if the bride has a simple, classic, structured gown—texture waves or a loose updo compliment the boho-style bride. With a strapless dress, brides often wear their hair up to show the neckline or jewelry, but they decide to know what makes them feel best at the end of the day. Stand your ground for what you want! The only thing we highly encourage is not to make any significant changes to your hair in general that you could potentially regret right before your special day.

TRIM NuLu is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. They offer various services ranging from hair coloring, haircuts and style, and waxing.

552 E Market St. Suite 225
Louisville, KY 40202

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Whitney Rankin.

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Alyssa Rydell.

Whitney Rankin and Meghan Ogden.