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Becky Blacketer.

Becky Blacketer.

In half a year, Becky Blacketer will see her daughter Kaitlin off to college, worrying, as any parent would, about her child’s grades, social life and, in particular for Becky, her daughter’s eating and exercise habits.

As a personal trainer at Pinnacle Fitness, Blacketer focuses on creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles for her clients, hoping to impart her knowledge of fitness and nutrition on not only Kaitlin, but also many of her friends and peers heading to college in the fall. That’s why Blacketer, along with Pinnacle Fitness trainers Andrea Lascoe, Laura Moore and Duane Brewer, decided to create a bootcamp aimed at teaching future and current college attendees how to avoid the ever-dreaded
“freshman 15.”

“I think that what we worry about is our kids going to school, and there’s a high percentage that usually gain five percent of their body weight within the first year, so that’s like 10 to 15 pounds,” Blacketer said. Through Pinnacle’s Freshman 15 bootcamp, beginning around June, students will learn the importance of a proper diet, getting adequate exercise and utilizing the tools, such as a gym and nutritionist, afforded them by their university campus.

Prospective college kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the lessons to be taught by Pinnacle’s professional team, though. By emulating many of the same basic rules given to freshmen, you too can make a significant, long-lasting change, with the beginning of 2013 – the perfect time to start working toward a better you and a healthier, more fulfilling life.

And, nutrition is just as – if not more – important as exercise, to help you reach your goals, whether it’s losing those last few inches, substantial weight loss, building strength or endurance. “From a nutrition standpoint, 70 to 80 percent of your weight loss comes from truly what you eat every single day,” said Moore, an NPC bikini competitor outside of her job at Pinnacle Fitness.

Shopping the exterior of the grocery store and focusing on fruits and vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates are key nutrition choices, along with enjoying a healthy breakfast every morning. “(Breakfast) fuels you, it gives you the energy that you need to kick start the day. And it isn’t that 500-calorie espresso,”
Moore assured.

When it comes to nutrition choices in college, Blacketer said it’s important students be smart about what they eat in the dining hall or the dorm. “We want to teach them what to pick in a dining hall, what decisions to make and also (what to order) when they go out to eat. … In their dorm, can they get a mini refrigerator and put good snacks (in it)? Can they get a hot pot? Can they cook something there?”

Blacketer also echoed Moore’s point about breakfast: “(Students) gain weight, definitely, when they’re skipping breakfast and they’re just pulling some kind of food here and there and just shoving anything in their mouth.”

Pinnacle Fitness Trainers Andrea Lascoe, Laura Moore, Becky Blacketer and Duane Brewer.

Pinnacle Fitness Trainers Andrea Lascoe, Laura Moore, Becky Blacketer and Duane Brewer.

Once the nutrition aspect has been tackled, whether you’re a student or older adult, fitness is the next essential component of maintaining a healthy weight. “We want to teach (students) how to utilize their gym on campus, and to utilize it correctly,” Blacketer said.

Over the course of the summer, three days a week, Pinnacle Fitness will teach young adults fitness routines and what meals to prepare, also giving them exercises to do at home in order to practice their new knowledge before heading to college. “I always say it takes 90 days to create a habit,” Moore said. “If you can do it for the three months you’re home from school, hopefully it’ll carry on once they go back.”

Pinnacle Fitness especially strives to help students create healthier lifestyles for college in order to avoid them succumbing to dangerous eating disorders. “A lot of eating disorders are created with girls in college because they have no control over their weight or they compare themselves, so if we can help them build that confidence before they even go, that can hopefully reach out to a couple girls to not even play with fire, to completely stay healthy and be happy with themselves,
too,” said Lascoe.

Pinnacle Fitness Trainer Laura Moore watched as trainer Duane Brewer performed an upper body workout.

Pinnacle Fitness Trainer Laura Moore watched as trainer Duane Brewer performed an upper body workout.

It’s not just females nowadays who face pressure with weight, though. Brewer, a bodybuilder, will be working closely with males to ensure they too are healthy in college. Pinnacle Fitness will invite several schools to attend the Freshman 15 bootcamp, which is open to any student interested in the program. For those already out of school, or children still far away from experiencing the university life, Pinnacle Fitness provides several classes for becoming and staying healthy in the new year.

On Jan. 12, Lascoe will begin hosting a 10-week bootcamp with personalized workout programs and meal plans. Participants will work out on their own throughout the week, then attend an intense bootcamp at Pinnacle on Saturdays at 9 a.m., and have themselves weighed and measured, with the person losing the most body percentage at the end of the camp walking away with a prize.

Aside from bootcamps, Pinnacle Fitness also offers personal training, plus various Zumba, spin, hot yoga and other fitness classes. So whether, you’re looking to avoid the freshman 15 or still need to drop those extra pounds you gained back in college, Pinnacle Fitness will help you get there.

For more information on Pinnacle Fitness, visit https://sites.google.com/site/pinnaclefitnesslouisville/ or find them on Facebook.

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