Health & Beauty Chat September 2021

Izzy Peterson.

Featuring Izzy Peterson, owner of CYL Sauna Studio on Lexington Road at the Vogue Center in St. Matthews


By Alex Hepfinger
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


CYL Sauna Studio is a luxury infrared sauna studio where clients can sweat for the health of it in their own personal infrared sauna pod within the tranquility of a private sauna suite. Sweating is our body’s natural way to heal and stay healthy. Each sauna pod is designed for the deepest, most detoxifying sweat possible using infrared energy (heat). 

What is infrared heat? 

Infrared light is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum that penetrates human tissue. Infrared heat therapy uses infrared light characteristics to heat your body’s core temperature rather than just the air surrounding you. As your core temperature begins to increase, your body will induce sweating. This increases your blood flow and heart rate, much like a moderate exercise routine.

What is the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

An infrared sauna heats your body from the inside out, which allows you to stay in the sauna pod for a longer period of time and increases your heart rate. This results in more calories burned in a shorter time span. The Solocarbon infrared heat allows distant infrared wavelengths to be near 9.4 microns, which is the level at which the human body absorbs infrared energy. This is the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates. This vibration then causes the release of cellular toxins through sweat. This optimal micron output allows a deeper penetration of infrared heat, which improves weight loss efforts among other benefits. A traditional steam sauna pulls the wet or dry heat to warm the air around you, causing you to sweat. This can aid in weight loss but has shown that the weight loss is mainly due to a loss of water or heavy sweating.

Why do you use a pod instead of an infrared box sauna?

Our infrared sauna pods are designed for a more luxurious and serene sweat session. You are able to inhale room temperature air which makes the experience more tolerable while still getting the benefits on your face. The pod design allows clients who suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues to safely benefit from a sweat session where they wouldn’t be able to use the box. 

 When will you start to see benefits?

After one session, you will immediately feel an increase in energy levels and be completely relaxed. But don’t stop there! It is similar to the process of a workout routine. If you go multiple times a week, you are more likely to see and feel the results. It typically takes a few sessions before you notice other benefits such as weight loss, reduction in cellulite and skin rejuvenation.

Other than flushing out toxins, what other benefits does the infrared sauna have?

There are countless benefits to using an infrared sauna on a regular basis. To name a few, infrared energy strengthens immunity, supports healthy weight loss, provides stress relief and increases skin rejuvenation. Infrared heat has been proven to penetrate tissue, joints and muscles to provide pain relief and wound healing. The heat infrared energy induces increases your blood flow which lowers your blood pressure and helps overall circulation. Infrared saunas are also used as a method of treatment for chronic diseases, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and many others.

CYL Sauna Studio
3725 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40207

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