Getting Fit in 90 Days

How Kim Amico transformed her body in 90 days with the support of Baptist Health Milestone personal trainer Kenny Hodges


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Emily Peters


After losing her way from a healthy diet and consistent workout routine during the COVID lockdown, Kim Amico decided to enter the Pro Physique 90-day Transformation Challenge. In her second attempt, Amico won the Overall Female Over 50 category. We spoke with Amico to learn how she transformed her body with the help of the Milestone community.

When you came to Milestone, what were your goals and where were you at in your fitness journey?

I had tried to do this challenge the year before, but I gave up three weeks in. I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t have any support. I had been watching Kenny Hodges, the guy I train with now, and I thought, that’s what I need. This year, I decided to do it right and set myself up for success.

Knowing I had a 40-year-old male weighing me in every week helped keep me straight and narrow on my diet. I love words of affirmation, so every week, when I would lose another 5 pounds, he’d be flabbergasted, and it made me feel proud.

How did Milestone play a role in helping you complete the challenge?

I think one of the best blessings and rewards of doing this is that I now feel like Milestone is my community. When you enjoy the space where you work out, it makes a big difference. The community at Milestone was an integral part. Every trainer was cheering Kenny and me on. When I went into the challenge, it was never about trying to win or even place. I just wanted to get my body and love of working out back. That happened without question. I’m still training with Kenny now. I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m 55.

There are so many obstacles we put in front of ourselves. We come up with excuses about why something is too hard, but it’s always possible. You have to push through that mental barrier you put up for yourself. My goal going into the challenge was to lose 25 pounds, and I ended up losing over 50.

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