Get Fit and Stay Fit Over Summer Break

Photos courtesy of Heuser Health

Photos courtesy of Heuser Health


By Chris Thompson, MS, CSCS
Chief of Staff, Fitness Director for Heuser Health

“What is this fat creeping on my stomach?! Why is the scale moving so quickly in the wrong direction?! Why can’t I be toned like her? How does he have that chest and those abs?! I’m poor and in college – what can I eat to stay healthy and get lean?! What kind of workout will actually give me results?!”

All familiar questions, especially once we hit the college years and are trying to avoid the infamous Freshman 15. There are many answers out there, mostly bad ones. The familiar answer is to starve yourself and run, fight the hunger and just keep doing cardio. So many attempt this path, and so many run out of gas with next to no results. It’s an impossible path to maintain, and eventually, your willpower will fail. But if this isn’t the answer, what is? It must be genetics, or supplements, or steroids? No, there is a better way, a much better way.

Not only does the crash diet and cardio solution result in next to zero results, it actually puts you in a significantly worse position moving forward. Sure, you WILL lose weight, maybe even a great amount. But what kind of weight? What happens once you return to normal eating? Your weight will come on faster than ever before and you will quickly move beyond where you began. Why? Because the weight you lost was largely muscle, the key to your metabolism!

Chris Thompson, MS, CSCS Chief of Staff, Fitness Director for Heuser Health. Photos courtesy of Heuser Health

Chris Thompson, MS, CSCS
Chief of Staff, Fitness Director for Heuser Health. Photos courtesy of Heuser Health

So, what’s the secret to our success? In simple terms: muscle. Muscle is the key to short and long-term success. Ladies, fear not becoming bulky. One pound of muscle is half the size of one pound of fat. Your clothing sizes will drop significantly, and friends will ask how you’ve become so toned. Guys, your chest will actually pop, and the v-taper down to your narrow waistline will be crystal clear.

Your body’s response to crashing calories and adding cardio is to activate starvation mode. The body senses dangerously low levels of calories (energy), therefore locks down precious fat (energy) stores and begins to break down metabolically expensive muscle, which is burning calories all day long. You’re not using your muscles to any great extent, so your body says, “Get rid of them!” It’s not uncommon to lose several pounds of muscle in only a few weeks when on a diet. This is the absolute worst thing possible and will make it much tougher to maintain your weight moving forward.

Photos courtesy of Heuser Health

Photos courtesy of Heuser Health

The reason our metabolism slows and we gain weight as we age is that we gradually lose muscle and therefore metabolism. Crash diet and cardio plans accelerate this process and ruin any chance of having those abs or toned legs. The weight scale is complete fool’s gold. You should instead be looking at your body-fat percentage. Our clients may lose only five pounds, but they also lose FIVE INCHES off their waist! Their muscles are now defined, and six packs have emerged. Their body composition is now predominantly muscle instead of fat!

Our MDs and exercise physiologists at Heuser Health have spent decades fine-tuning the perfect formula for success with a combination of nutrition and fitness. We not only tell you what to eat but why, with food that even a college student can afford. We guide you through the most effective workouts to be found with what we call personalized training in a small group setting. We answer all of your questions and guide you on the path to success. The fat on your stomach and thighs will be a thing of the past. Your energy will be strong and steady all day long. Your muscles will be generating compliments from others. Our formula covers all five components of fitness and is the epitome of well-rounded. We have the recipe for shredding; you just need to show up and follow along.

Heuser Health was founded by Dr. Louis Heuser in 2000 and designed around the scientific principles of diet and exercise. We have two spacious locations, one on River Road and one on Blankenbaker Parkway. We work with all populations from youth athletes, young adults, corporate wellness participants, weekend warriors and seniors. We have literally changed the lives of thousands.

Starting June 2016, Heuser Health will be offering an eight-week Summer Shred program for students, guiding you and teaching you the secrets of being and looking fit. We know exactly what works and how to help you achieve your desired goals.

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