From Log Cabin to Private Oasis

A home with a history and Prospect charm


By Ellie Kemper
Photos provided by Berkshire Hathaway


This Prospect home located in the Sutherland Farms neighborhood has a rich history and is the perfect combination of comfortable and stately. 7010 Penfield Place sits at the end of a cul-de-sac, making it the ultimate private oasis. The acre of land it sits on, its convenient location and neighborhood amenities add to the grand appeal of this home. We had the opportunity to interview Anna Deason, a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices who represents the home, who shared her insight on the Penfield house and what makes it so unique.

One reason this home stands out from other homes in the neighborhood is its unique historical feature. There is a room in the house, referred to as the “log cabin room,”’ that is the preserved remains of the original Penfield home. Deason explains that “this home was one of the first homes that were built in the subdivision. The house structure that is there now was built in 1992, but the original feature of this home is the family room, which looks like a log cabin, and that was built sometime in the early 1900s.” This distinctive room is characterized by gorgeous wood paneling and a large stone fireplace, bringing “so much charm and character to the home,” said Deason. It creates a cozy spot to read a book or sit by the fire and adds to its historical value. Deason explains that the Penfield house is “very unique by having that history there and maintaining that original feature of the ‘log cabin room.’” Deason shares that, “adding a gorgeous house on top of” the preexisting log cabin has enhanced the property and the neighborhood at large.

Another notable characteristic of this house is the grand staircase in the front foyer. This open space offers viewpoints to several other parts of the house, making the house seem spacious and inviting. On the right of the staircase, Deason explains that “the dining room and kitchen area make up kind of their own wing,” which connects to the log cabin room. On the main floor, “It is not open-concept, but more of a traditional concept. It still feels open because you have so many rooms to choose from.” The Penfield house appears warm and bright on the inside because of the many large windows throughout. Features like the six fireplaces distributed amongst the three levels make the house even more welcoming and family-friendly.

On the upper level, the home offers four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The master bathroom was completely renovated by the current owners, the only renovation during their residence. “They put gorgeous finished tile in the bathroom and replaced all the mirrors, transforming it into a big mirror vanity wall. They also updated the cabinets and added a huge walk-in shower with a skylight,” said Deason. Their acrylic freestanding tub is also an eye-catching feature of the newly renovated master bath.

In addition to the home’s historical attributes and charming features, its location also adds to its appeal. “[Prospect] is a very pristine place to live,” said Deason. This part of Louisville gives homeowners the opportunity to own a lot of land and ensure both safety and privacy, “while still being close to modern amenities.”

Another great feature of this home is the spacious backyard and patio area. Deason explains that “there is a nice acre lot that this house sits on, and it is easy to go outside and enjoy the back patio. It becomes your own oasis when you go to the back of the home, where you can enjoy the patio and relax.”

The Sutherland Farms neighborhood has much to offer homeowners as well. The neighborhood has its own clubhouse and “you can access the clubhouse as soon as you buy a house in the Sutherland Farms neighborhood,” explains Deason. “There is a neighborhood pool, neighborhood tennis courts and neighborhood playgrounds.” These are just some of the amenities available to Sutherland residents, making the neighborhood a more inclusive and family-friendly place to live. Deason attests that “it is a very safe neighborhood which is comforting to buyers.” For buyers interested in a family-friendly neighborhood, historical charm and spacious land to create a private environment, this is the home for them.

For more information about  7010 Penfield Pl., contact Judie Parks, principal broker/owner, relocation director at jparks@bhhspw.com or 502.419.7496.