Freshen Up for Spring

Get your home spring-ready with help from Digs Home and Garden


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Spring showers bring May flowers and new outdoor inventory, yay! With the cold and dreary winter season coming to a close, I think we’re all ready to revamp our homes and outdoor spaces to include brighter colors to get ready for spring. Ben Palmer-Ball and his team at Digs Home and Garden are here to help you bring that spring feeling to your home both indoors and out. 

Digs Home and Garden is filled with a variety of indoor and outdoor styles and brands such as Summer Classics, Brown Jordan, Lane Venture and Kingsley-Bate. They were even the first store in Louisville to carry Summer Classics, according to Palmer-Ball. “You can mix and match collections and different materials so not everything is going to be perfectly matching in your outdoor environment or your porch. It looks a little more like you’ve curated it or it’s been built over time,” explained Palmer-Ball. This season, Palmer-Ball is particularly captivated with teak products. He loves the nice golden new look but also doesn’t mind how it looks when it’s weathered and aged. “One of the things I really love is a little serving cart. It can be like a portable bar, a table and a setting or it could sit by the grill and you could put utensils on it. So some pieces tend to have a little more functionality, as long as you think a bit outside of the box,” said Palmer-Ball. 

Ben Palmer-Ball.

I also got the inside scoop on the spring trends this year according to Palmer-Ball. He mentioned two different trends: ditching outdoor furniture cushions and indulging in outdoor rugs and carpets. “I noticed that our vendors are starting to hear the voice of our customers. While lounging furniture with cushions makes it easy to get comfortable and relax, it often also involves some maintenance or people feel like they have to take cushions in to keep them out of the rain, even though they don’t. Many vendors now are starting to play around with doing more cushionless lounge furniture, explained Palmer-Ball. “They might have a weave that has some built-in padding in it so that it has the give and the comfort, but it doesn’t necessarily have a cushion. There are options out there if people don’t want to care for full-on outdoor cushions and upholstery.” If designing a space makes you nervous, the Digs team has you covered. “My training and background is in architecture so I am happy to help people from start to finish. If they have a space where they’re not sure something is going to fit, we do offer a service where we’ll come to your home, measure the space and lay in furniture to give you some options for what might fit and let you look at things a little differently. We offer that design service behind the sale,” said Palmer-Ball.

Not interested in buying new outdoor furniture? Don’t worry, Digs has plenty of other options available to help you spruce up your home with a limited budget. Even though it’s not a previously mentioned “trend,” Palmer-Ball recommends checking out their wide variety of outdoor pillows if you’re looking for a lower-cost, quicker and easier upgrade. The pillow designs include quilted, embroidered and many others that are sure to make your outdoor space more lively and colorful. If you can’t find a specific pillow or item you’re looking for in the store, ask Palmer-Ball or one of his employees, and they’ll check with their vendors to see if they can find something to fit your vision. If buying new outdoor furniture and decorations isn’t in your budget at the moment, don’t worry, Digs has something for you too. Enter their outdoor furniture giveaway in the hopes of winning some new items before the Kentucky Derby! The giveaway begins in the spring months, so keep your eyes peeled on Digs Home and Garden’s website for more information in the coming weeks. There’s no time like the present to start getting ready for warmer weather and safe outdoor gatherings, so head to Digs Home and Garden for all your entertaining needs!

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