Find your Milestone Moment

Terry Ely.

Long-term Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center member expresses her gratitude for a place that, in her eyes, is more than just a gym


By Rachel Porter
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Terry Ely has been a member of Baptist Health / Milestone Wellness Center for over 20 years. From the Oasis Spa to the intriguing group classes, she feels there is something for everyone. We spoke with Ely to hear how the facility has impacted her own personal wellness “milestone.” 

How did your journey start at Milestone?

I needed to be the best version of myself. I have since retired; however,  at that time, I was a critical care nurse and didn’t always have time to exercise, but I wanted to be healthy for my job. Through word of mouth, I found Milestone. Once I stepped in the door, I saw that it was not just a gym. It’s a huge facility, but manageable with an incredible staff.

What does Milestone offer that keeps you going there?

Everything they offer! It’s the classes, the expertise and the friendly faces. Even the little things, too, like parking and the cafe, are easily accessible to grab a quick smoothie. Right now, I love the aquatics class. We do stretching, use weights in the water and I feel so much more fluid. The music and instructors are excellent, too. 

What is personal wellness to you? How has Milestone helped you to accomplish that?

I think personal wellness is being your own best friend. It involves movement, good nutrition, but also not being so hard on yourself. Surrounding yourself with positive people is important, too. Milestone makes obtaining personal wellness easier, which has taught me consistency. I have been more consistent with my overall goals of staying as healthy as possible and feeling connected to like-minded people. I love the feeling I get when I leave! Everyone has their own wellness journey. Milestone helps you try new things to improve on who you are.

Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center
750 Cypress Station Dr.
Louisville, KY 40207