Timeless Attire for Modern Women

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Courtesy Photo

The holiday season may be over, but shopping season is year-round. When you’re ready to unwind, take your best friend, your daughter or even your mother-in-law with “discerning tastes” out for an excursion. You’ll want to go someplace refreshing – somewhere that’s clever, tasteful and unique. Where do you even start?

Begin at The Urban Farmgirls, a recent offshoot of Frankfort Avenue gem The Urban Farmhouse Market. Co-owners Alison Lawton and Kimberly Beyer expanded their offerings after seeing the clothes they stocked flying off the shelves.

“We had a small section in The Urban Farmhouse Market and decided to add some apparel to it,” says Beyer. “It sold really, really well. People wanted more apparel, and we didn’t have a spot.” In a twist of fate, a place next door opened up at just the right moment. “On a whim, we approached the owner – she was moving out of the area,” Beyer explains. “And it worked out beautifully.”

“We just opened a few weeks ago,” Lawton says. “I wanted the same vibe as The Urban Farmhouse Market – the same look, very layered. It’s an apparel store for young and old alike, with very good quality for a good price.” Beyer agrees. “It’s a different experience than most boutiques that you walk into in Louisville,” she says. “There’s the real barn wood on the walls, the industrial-type furniture – and then we try to keep everything under $100 if at all possible.”

For Beyer, combining quality and price are especially important. “I have four daughters,” she says with a laugh. And they do wear The Urban Farmgirls: “All five of us can be easily clothed here, be age-appropriate and still look good,” Beyer says. “My youngest is 14, my oldest is 23. And I would love to have everything in the store in my closet.”

There are reasons the clothes appeal to teens and adults alike. “We have a little bit more of a neutral palette, with comfortable, casual, good-quality clothes,” Lawton explains. “And people seem to really like our jewelry as well.” They often carry work from local artists. “One of our favorite jewelry-makers lives right around the block from the store,” Lawton says, “and Michele, our manager, designs the tea towels. We have a lot of really creative talent, very unique.”

“It has a lot of different textures and feels – there’s wool, faux fur, barn wood. That’s even in the draperies on the fitting room and then the horns on the wall,” Beyer says. “It’s industrial and rustic and soft. Somehow it all works.”

For both co-owners, The Urban Farmhouse Market and The Urban Farmgirls are more than a business. “Alison and I bought in January of 2015,” Beyer remembers. “We were good friends because my youngest daughter and her daughter were best friends. It all fell into place.”

“We’re excited to be here on Frankfort Avenue and to be here for people who live in the community,” Beyer says. She remembers putting together a recent basket for a craft fair, and is looking forward to this year’s fundraiser with a local high school. “We try to give back to the community if at all possible,” Beyer says. “We like to strike up a conversation.” Lawton agrees. “I want somebody to be able to come in and buy something that is unique but affordable,” she says. “Something they can give as a gift.”

The Urban Farmgirls’ unique charm is contagious. With the combination of industrial and rustic designs, the added jewelry and accessories and the great quality of the new and expanded apparel, this may be the boutique of the season.  “People are constantly looking in, saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I love everything,’” Lawton says with a smile. “We love our customers,” Beyer adds. “We love to help put outfits together or choose a gift. And we’re excited to see what spring will bring.” VT

The Urban Farmhouse Market and Urban Farmgirls are located at 2830 Frankfort Ave. For more information, call The Urban Farmgirls at 502.365.2504.