The Diamond Difference

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By Mariah Kline  |  Beauty

The Fountain of Youth may be just a myth, but thanks to the evolution of science and technology, there are now more options than ever for people who want to avoid the signs of aging. But for those who don’t necessarily want plastic surgery or facial injections, there aren’t as many choices that will show legitimate results. Fortunately, there is a line of skincare products that can make a significant difference, and it’s available right here in the 502.

Natura Bisse is a high-end skincare line created in Barcelona, Spain, that is now known worldwide for delivering serious anti-aging results. They have won highly coveted awards from Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. Well known (and gorgeous) faces such as Beyoncé and Elle Macpherson have attested to the brand’s effects and swear by them.

Rodes For Him For Her is the only retailer in the area that carries Natura Bisse’s Diamond Collection, and they host exclusive facial events for those who want to see the results for themselves. Their next event is taking place on May 24 and 25.

Each facial appointment lasts one hour and is free with the purchase of a Natura Bisse product. Before they begin, an esthetician will consult with the client to discuss their skin concerns and needs. The esthetician will then choose the appropriate NB products to use and gear the facial toward those concerns.

The facials take place in the upstairs of Rodes and off of the sales floor to ensure maximum comfort and privacy. After the facial, clients will work with Nanette Wagner, one of Rodes’ style advisors and resident skincare expert, to choose the product or products from their facial that they want to continue using.

So what makes Natura Bisse so amazing and effective? “I managed cosmetics at a department store for 17 years, but in all of that time, I never saw anything like this before,” says Wagner. “Nearly every single person I’ve sold this brand to has come back to buy it again.”

NB has used scientific research in the field of genomes and preventative biomedicine and implemented these advances into their cosmetics. While most of the products do take a couple of weeks to yield results, Wagner says those who use the Diamond Ice Lift and the Glyco Extreme Peel see results almost instantly.

“The Ice Lift is a great face mask that you can peel away,” she explains. “It diminishes lines and puffiness, and it’s perfect for people who travel a lot or feel that their skin is stressed out. These products are truly unbelievable, and you really need to experience it to appreciate it.”

NB makes regimens for all skin types, and they carry everything from serums and moisturizers to eye and lip creams. Most of the regimens are designed with mature skin in mind, but they can still be effective for younger clients who want to get ahead of aging skin. Wagner also recommends Natura Bisse for those who receive Botox or other injections and want to prolong the effects of them.

Those who aren’t able to attend Rodes’ facial event can still visit the store at any time to learn more and consult with Wagner about which items will suit their needs. While defying time and gravity may be impossible, the perfect skincare routine doesn’t have to be. VT