Seng Dynasty

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With a thick piratical beard of almost biblical proportions, Scott Davis, co-owner of Seng Jewelers, knows he does not look like your typical jeweler.

Scott Davis.

Scott Davis.

“I’ve always been different,” says Davis, who also sports a pony-tail. “I don’t look like your typical businessman, or your typical jeweler.”

Which is fitting, because Davis’ customers patronize Seng Jewelers for the purpose of finding unique pieces.

Diamonds, especially the Seng-renowned Fiery Diamonds, are one of Davis’ favorite items to show customers searching for a dinstinguishing look.  With unique, patent-protected perfection cuts ensuring no light leakage and a guarantee of unmatched measurable brilliance, Davis knows he’s selling quality.

But Davis is a watch man, himself.

For the 32 year old jeweler, his passion lies in watches. Fine, intricate, mechanical wonders that complete his look and one he thinks is a key component for any professional sartorial choice.

I prefer manual wind watches,” explains Davis, who on the this day was wearing a Panerai. “It always gives you something to do each day. We live in this world of electronics where everything is done for us, or we use a cellphone to tell the time. Me? I think it’s important to do something for yourself.”

Seng enjoys making personalized pieces as they know customers are looking to a jeweler for a personal relationship as much as a jeweling relationship.

“If someone does not like us they’re not going to buy from us. It’s important to remember that a customer is not only buying a piece of superior merchandise but a personal relationship as well.”

Benn Davis, Lee Davis and Scott Davis represent three generations of the family who owns Seng Jewelers.

Benn Davis, Lee Davis and Scott Davis represent three generations of the family who owns Seng Jewelers.

Said personal touch––and style––originated from Davis’ 98-year-old grandfather, Benn, co-owner alongside Davis and his father Lee.

“If there is one look that I always try to get or feel inspired by it’s my grandfather’s and how he’s always so put together,” explains Davis. “I just try to emulate that.”

Style Notes


“Everyman has a watch. It’s kind of like a subconscious milestone in a man’s life. You need a legitimate watch. Why? Because it materialises your upcoming success. In terms of look right now rose gold has become huge. A lot of athletes are wearing a lot more rose gold watches. But it seems to be that what the music industry guys and the athletes wear, that trickles down. Hamilton is a great brand because it’s a slightly lesser price. So for guys who like collecting watches they can spend $2000 on several watches rather than $10,000 on one.


“Women wear jewelry to keep men happy and guys I guess wear it for women too. We sell a ton of masonic rings, Shriner’s, Elk’s. We sell a lot of rings with family crests too, which we make. Those are cool because they are a part of you. But then there are a lot of guys who will buy a Kentucky cluster (19 diamonds), with our Firey diamonds. A lot of it is heritage, maybe recreating a ring that their grandfather wore. But then there are some people who just want a big nasty diamond ring, which we love.”

Custom Designs

“Louisville is a very conservative market, it’s southern mid-west, but we have had some zany requests for designs and we can make pretty much anything. We’ll work with a customer to get exactly what they want. We had a gentleman who wanted a little tiny watch inside a ring once. We also once made a huge diamond studded ring with sapphires because a customer loved the Dallas Cowboys.”

Davis Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune