Sarah Jordan

What is your fashion view?
Fashion is crucial when you work in the media. While I may be in a studio a lot, I am out in the community every week, not only representing myself but my station! I always try to put my best foot (in this case fashion) forward!

How do you describe your style?
Simple, chic and casual. After all, I don’t need to dress to the nines daily for radio!

What are your favorite pieces?
Honestly – my hair! No matter what I may be wearing, I like to make sure my hair looks good. If my hair looks good, then I feel better about any outfit!

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I like to shop at affordable stores where I can get a good deal. I shop a lot at Kohl’s, love the outlet malls for Banana Republic and J Crew, and even Target sometimes!

Who is your fashion icon, and why?
My friend, Jenny Howard. Every time we hang out, even if it’s to work out, she is so put together with the best accessories. Clearly, I love what celebs wear, but I can’t afford that and I don’t have their stores! With Jenny, we can just go shopping together.