New Season, New Style

As we bid adieu to the snow and ice, what better way to kick start springtime and show your closet a little TLC than with a refreshed, enlightened springtime look? To guide me through my seasonal transformation, I met with Tracy Varga, founder of Tracy Varga Group – Personal Style and Wardrobe Design, to undergo a clothing makeover. With her M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and certification from the London Image Institute, Varga brings to the table a harmonious blend of business sense and fashion finesse.

Let’s begin with a definition of makeover: “a complete transformation or remodeling of something, especially a person’s hairstyle, makeup, or clothes.” Beautifully so, a “complete transformation” is not Varga’s philosophy. Utilizing a holistic approach, Varga encourages her clients to wear what makes them look their best and feel most confident all while incorporating their unique assets with consideration to style dos and don’ts.



When asked what she’d like every client to retain from a styling session, Varga relates, “I want all my clients to find a style that feels right for them and have a knowledge base of colors and accessories that work best for them and make them excited to get dressed. And if I have the opportunity to work with their closet, have new outfit ideas from clothes they already own!”

Over a sumptuous latte at Breadworks, I worked through a new client information sheet where I was asked a multitude of introspective questions such as my area of study in school, where I currently work and what my dream career looks like. From the get-go, I knew working with Varga would be both a fun and informative experience.

In the information sheet, I was asked to select words that described my ideal style, and much to my dismay, my responses were all over the place as I am on the constant struggle bus of style identity. But who isn’t? Between prices, patterns and fabrics – not to mention online shopping – it’s no wonder most women experience a style “rut” where nothing fits just right and our colors are way off as we succumb to box stores and their undeniable bargains.

After completing my questionnaire, I was introduced to the concept of style base and style sprinkle, an approach Varga utilizes in her own wardrobe construction. “Everyone has a ‘base style,’” she asserts. And depending on the mood or occasion, “style sprinkles” are added to your base showcasing a more personal look. To no surprise, my base style is “Classic” – I am my mother’s daughter after all – and my sprinkles are “Elegant,” “Alluring,” “Modern” and “Edgy.” For a gal who wears black all year round, that sounds about right!

We made our way over to Liv Boutique on Lexington Road in St. Matthews and browsed their fantastic springtime selection while keeping in mind three fundamentals. First, horizontal lines are to be utilized on areas of your body you’d like to accentuate and verticals on areas you’d like slimmed down. Second, consider balance when selecting outfits to even out your unique shape; for example, for narrow shoulders, wear tops with shoulder-detailing to add more body. Finally, color choices should coincide with skin tone – darker skin tones go with warmer, richer colors and lighter skin tones should be paired with lighter colors.

After exploring several outfit options, we landed on a black Laundry romper by Shelli Segal Los Angeles (approved by Varga, of course!), and once I looked at myself in the dressing room, I knew this was it! “When you step out of the dressing room and have that ‘Wow!’ moment, that’s what we’re going for,” affirms Varga. We paired this fashionable yet casual romper with a THEIA medallion necklace, snakeskin print clutch, Lucky Brand pumps (from my own closet), some curly hair and a dash of red lipstick.

Many thanks to Liv Boutique for providing my makeover clothing and accessories and having fun with us along the way! Ladies, with spring arriving in full-force, take advantage of Varga’s style tips and our city’s wonderful boutiques to make a new style for the new season! VT

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By HOLLY GRIFFIT, The Voice-Tribune