Micah Cargin, Business Analyst at Humana

Micah Cargin.

Micah Cargin.

What is your fashion view?
To me, fashion is simply a particular style of clothing. To be fashionable means having the ability to wear different styles and types of clothes and look nice regardless of what it is. It is about an expression of one’s self.  The clothes we wear and the styles we choose to follow speak of one’s culture, background, personality, current state of mind (and) an impression we seek to convey. Those that I find to be the most fashionable are ones that are confident and take pride in their appearance; those that are always ready to make a pleasant and lasting first impression; those that are forward, who have vision and willing to push the envelope.

How do you describe your style?
My style varies depending on the occasion. In business and dress clothes, I like classic looks. A two-button single breasted wool or wool/polyester blend suit will never go out of style – as long as it is tailored.  In casual clothes, I like hard to find T-shirts (both provocative and funny), vintage slacks and any type of UofL sports attire. Go Cards! Regardless of dress or casual wear, I like for my clothes to fit. Too tight or too loose of a fit is uncomfortable and does not look good. To look good is to feel good, and I always try to feel my best.

What are your favorite pieces?
I would have to say my collection of T-shirts including my Toy Tiger tees (Louisville nightclub icon); my collection of ties and dress shirts, and soft yet intoxicating colognes (spray enough to let people know you were there, but not to let them know you are coming). I like colors and patterns.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I could not tell you the last time I bought anything from the mall. I do not want to see someone wearing the same thing as me, nor do I want to be wearing the exact same thing as someone else. I support local first by shopping at vintage stores and boutique shops. My favorite places to go to in Louisville (without giving away all of my secrets) are The Nitty Gritty and Dot Fox. I love the owners and greatly appreciate the kindness they show their customers and me more than anything else.

Who is your fashion icon? Why?
I would have to say my parents are my fashion icons. My mom was a teacher. I never saw her wear the same combination twice in all the days and years that she taught. All of her looks were classy and yet simple; from dresses to pants suits. I learned the value of simplicity and less being more from her.

From my dad, I learned the art of being fashionable through classic styles and cuts of suits. I learned details in clothing, from the dimple in the tie, to how much a pants leg should  break right above the shoe. Through their parenting, I learned the importance of taking pride in my appearance. Looking back, they were my biggest fashion influence.