Fashion View: Michael V. Neumann

Michael V. Neumann.

Michael V. Neumann.

What is your fashion view?
Fashion should reflect the person. If a picture speaks a thousand words, fashion or individual style is an opportunity to make a statement without saying a word.

How do you describe your style?
I always lean to a classic look, but I add a touch of flair to make the look my own. I’m not one to buy the latest runway looks or latch on to trends. Classics are always appreciated, but with a fun color or an unusual tie or bow tie, I can individualize the overall look.

My rule: Make it comfortable, make it look effortless and be ready for anything that the day may bring. A normal day on the job for me may include meetings with Julep or CII prospects, and then maybe an event or two in the evening, so versatility is also extremely important.

What are your favorite pieces?
After years of frustration, thanks to a great YouTube video, I finally learned how to properly tie a bow tie. Now I find tying one almost easier than my typical double-windsor knotted straight tie. Please, men, learn to tie a double-windsor knot! They look so much more balanced and ‘tie-dy’ – pun intended! Bow ties are not something I wear often, but when I do, I get compliments all day long and it’s that little something that can instantly turn an otherwise challenging day around.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I love more tailored clothes, European cuts and particularly love Zara. Alas, we don’t have one of those nearby, but I am particularly excited that we will soon have an H&M here. For now, you’ll most likely find me at Banana Republic – one of the few shops that I can wear stuff right off the rack – or looking through the Calvin Klein or Daniel Cremieux lines at Dillards.

Who is your fashion icon, and why?
Tom Ford. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an architect. Tom graduated with a degree in architecture. Tom’s path to success has been an unconventional one and I can totally relate to that, too. His looks tend to be based on more classic styles (and) lines and are forward without being too edgy or trendy, which is totally me.

What trends do you expect to see at The Julep Ball?
More retro – think late ’80s –  classic seersucker and bright, vibrant colors that represent the vibe. Oh, and big hair. We’re bringing in the B-52s for Heaven’s sake, so it’s got to be fun! This is one party where you want to leave the formal at home.

What else should people know about The Julep Ball?
Forget what you thought you knew about The Julep Ball. This year’s ball, from the fabulously designed décor with elements not seen in Louisville before – hats off to designers at The Event Company – to the auction, which is going to knock your socks off; 180 bottles of personalized Woodford Reserve, anyone? – to a full-on dance party with multiple musical guests. Did I mention the B-52s?! On the floor of the Yum! Center, this is going to be the place to be on Derby Eve. Tickets are going fast! Event and ticket information can be found at