Fashion View: Gerald Paul Dickerson

The Chic Sheet

What is your fashion view?
The quote (by Neil Young), “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” comes to mind. I like dressing in ways that surprise people, like taking odds and ends that don’t make sense together and combining them to make my own style.

I don’t worry about what is acceptable or expected or if my mother would approve  – most of the time she would not. I cherish little odds and ends that speak to me and tell a story or beg a question. I like excess but I don’t want to be excessive.

I’m very sentimental about clothing so pretty much every piece that I own has a story or conjures up a memory of a time, a person or a place. I love music and a lot of what I wear is influenced by my favorite artists.

How do you describe your style?
A vagrant cowboy. Outlaw country meets a little bit of femininity. I have sisters, so when we were growing up we played a lot of dress-up. I loved the costumes as much as they did! We had He-Man, but we also had She-ra and I loved them both equally. I am so comfortable with myself that I don’t feel limited to one certain style and I’m not scared to shop the women’s section. Their jeans are so much better!

I grew up in Oklahoma and Arkansas and that’s where I got my country-western influence. My style has changed a lot over the years and where I have ended up is, ironically, right where I began, with cowboy boots and belt buckles and some kind of hat.

I like to dress for my mood and sometimes that includes a brightly colored scarf, or a T-shirt that was intended for a woman. If it fits and it feels good, I’ll wear it! Fashion is supposed to be fun.

What are your favorite pieces?
I have a zodiac sign necktie – I’m a Leo – that I bought at a gas station in Winchester, Ky., from a lady that was selling vintage ’70s stuff out of her trunk. I love it. I also have an oversized turquoise pin that was my grandmother’s that is one of my most cherished possessions. I like to pin it to a hat or a blue jean shirt and every time I wear it I think of her.

I also love sunglasses of all varieties. They are more of a practical piece, because who wants to get caught without them when it’s sunny outside? I like to keep five or six pairs on hand for whatever strikes my mood. When I’m shopping for them, the pair that is colorful and stands out from the rack is the pair that I want. They’re also good for hiding a hangover.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I find things that I like in unexpected places. I like perusing the Nitty Gritty because that store is badass and the people that work there are awesome. My favorite part is not the men’s section upstairs but the area behind the counter where they have pieces labeled by decade. The clothes are so interesting and beautiful. I also always look for floor scores, in fields and festivals, lost and found bins and thrift shops.

Who is your fashion icon, and why?
My No. 1 fashion icon is Indiana Jones. He always looked effortlessly cool while rescuing the babe. I love a hat, a loose shirt that’s unbuttoned just a little too far and a five o’clock shadow. Rugged, timeless and cool.

What do you like about bartending at Seviche?
Some people think of bartending as a temporary job, but once you’ve been doing it for a decade it becomes more than that. I like to create an environment where the guests feel safe and comfortable and like they are visiting a friend. It’s a place where there is no judgment whatsoever.

We have all types of people that come in to sit at the bar and I like to be the common thread for all of them. If you come in looking for food and drinks and leave feeling like you’ve had a complete experience then I have done my job. My favorite moments are when we are busy and I look up at the bar crowd and realize that I know every person’s name.

Miranda Rogers McDonald is the author of When Miranda isn’t blogging about fashion or flexing her social media muscle, she is spending time with her husband and feisty Chihuahua, Niles. She believes in celebrating the smaller things in life, such as good wine and food, an interesting book and sitting on patios while enjoying conversations with her closest friends. She strives to one day join the ranks of the fashion editors that she idolizes, and to show the world that a girl from Kentucky knows a little something about style.