Fashion View: Casey Wilson

Staff Writer

What’s more fun than shopping?  Perhaps sipping on fine wine while doing it? The chance to do so during an evening of high fashion is precisely what Wine, Women and Shoes – a charity geared towards helping great causes around the country by staging wonderful events centered on fashion and great times – is all about. This year’s event is co-chaired by Casey Wilson, alongside Courtney Kempf.

The event, the first of its kind in Louisville, will be held on March 6 at the Henry Clay and will be based around a very simple tried-and-tested formula: the combination of shoes, wine and female camaraderie. But with that, the proceeds go to a cause that’s special to Wilson’s heart – Family Scholar House – in turn making the whole evening not only fun, but empowering.

“I just love the mission of Family Scholar House,” Wilson says. “It’s ending the cycle of poverty through education. And hopefully the children that are involved through the Family Scholar House, will see the struggles their parents went through, having to go through school as an adult and getting your college degree and seeing the benefits of that.”

The shoes will come courtesy of the collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, a wide variety of sumptuous shoes not usually available in Kentuckiana, and will be brought around on silver platters during the evening for all the ladies in attendance to survey.

“Sidebar has found 20 very good-looking gentleman who will be helping that night and carrying around the shoes on the platters,” Wilson says. “All of the ladies that I’ve spoken to are so excited to be able to get the merchandise from Saks that is not available here.”

But aside from the vast array of designer shoes, much of the evening’s revelry will be fueled by the wine and conversation its likely to ease along.

“Throughout the evening, we’re going to have some premier vintners,” Wilson says. “I can’t let you know just yet who they’re going to be, but they are going to be sampling some of their best wines that evening, and their wines will also be available to purchase that night.”

One of the undoubtable highlights of the evening is going to be a prize drawing to claim the “Keys to the Closet,” a chance to win a shopping spree worth $15,000 at Saks, something that Wilson would herself love to get her hands on, given her own love of shoes.

“I love shoes and I love high heels,” Wilson says. “Working at the bank means that I have to dress pretty conservatively but I can express myself in shoes and accessories.”

“Also I’m not tall, but everyone at the bank thinks I’m tall because I wear such high heels,” she adds. “I think sometimes when you’re taller, it makes you display a little bit more power. Every day my colleagues say to me, ‘how can you wear heels that high?’ But you know, my philosophy on that is, ‘the higher the heels the closer to heaven.’”

Overall, like most her friends, Wilson is excited about the upcoming evening, the chance to drink great wine, shop and help others.

“Shopping, wine, girlfriends, the chance to make new girlfriends as well as the chance to win $15,000 at Saks,” she says. “And it’s all for a great cause.”

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