Fashion View: Erin Clephas

What is your fashion view?
I’m not overly concerned with being “in fashion,” and just buy things that I like! I think it’s important to not make your look about following trends, but rather purchasing items that are uniquely you, things that you feel drawn to.

How do you describe your style?
More than one friend has described my style as “cupcakes and rainbows.” Seriously. I’m not sure that’s accurate, but I do love lots of color and wear dresses about 90 percent of the time. I like things that are cutesy, vintage and/or just fun!

What are your favorite pieces?
Probably my absolute favorite thing I own is a pair of shoes my friend Mindy bought me in a thrift store in Brooklyn. (She lives there and is so good at picking out clothes I like, always sending me things she has found!) This particular pair of vintage shoes is white with grass-green trim and have a little red berry hanging from the side. They are absolutely adorable. Oh yeah – and I’m obsessed with strawberry prints!

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I’ve been having a lot of luck this summer at the Flea Off Market, especially a booth called Bluegrass Vintage, run by two sisters who also have an Etsy store. My absolute favorite place to shop is my friend Laura Fauna’s sewing room. She also has an Etsy shop!

Who is your fashion icon, and why?
So many – Audrey Hepburn has been my icon since I was about 7 because she is so demure and beautiful and rocks the feminine short hair. I also love the style of Norma Arnold, the mom from “The Wonder Years.” But mostly, I turn to my sweet and gorgeous friends for fashion help since I am terrible at putting outfits together and they are just all so great at it!