Fashion View: Danielle Rudy Davis

Danielle Rudy Davis. Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune.

Interview By MIRANDA ROGERS MCDONALD | The Chic Sheet

What is your fashion view?
For me, fashion is an extension of my personality. When I’m getting dressed I think about where I’m going, who I’m seeing and what image I want to project. Then I try to add a little spin to it, but I don’t take it too seriously. They’re just clothes, after all.

How do you describe your style?
A little all over the place. Some days it’s preppy and colorful, and other times it’s more subdued and edgier. No matter what, I try to stick with shapes and styles that I know work on my body type – and if it has polka dots on it, even better.

What are your favorite pieces?
My staples are deconstructed blazers, skinny jeans, great trousers, silk blouses and heels – the higher, the better.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I am not going to lie, I find tons of stuff at Forever 21. I’m not afraid to dig, and if you pick the right pieces – i.e., the right fabric – they can last way longer than you think. I also pop into Margaret’s whenever I’m in the area. I’ve found some amazing stuff there, such as Marc Jacobs blazers, Trina Turk blouses and tons of Tory Burch, and all are for a fraction of the boutique cost. If I’m looking for something special I’ll head up to Clodhoppers. Meggie & Cary always help me find something amazing there.

Who is your fashion icon, and why?
Jennifer Aniston, because she always looks effortless and chic.

What inspired you to create Lou What Wear?
I really got into blogging after starting my other blog, Secondary Embarrassment, which focuses on my love for trashy reality TV – I write recaps of all The Bachelorette episodes.  I was inspired by all the amazing fashion bloggers out there, but I didn’t feel like any of the sites I loved related to my life and where I live.

Louisville is full of amazing fashion and style, so I just set out to create something that captured that local feel, while also giving a little bit of that big city inspiration. My friend helped me come up with the name, and now, one year later, the rest is history!

Miranda Rogers McDonald is the author of When Miranda isn’t blogging about fashion or flexing her social media muscle, she is spending time with her husband and feisty Chihuahua, Niles. She believes in celebrating the smaller things in life, such as good wine and food, an interesting book and sitting on patios while enjoying conversations with her closest friends. She strives to one day join the ranks of the fashion editors that she idolizes, and to show the world that a girl from Kentucky knows a little something about style.