Best of Forecastle Fashion

Morgan Haley’s festival glow features fringe, handmade crochet from Bali and a cape from Free People.

By Miranda McDonald

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Glitter-covered mermaids, men in bright floral shirts and those paying homage to the bohemian ways of Janis Joplin. When it came to the dress code at Forecastle Festival, self-expression was the only rule of thumb.

“If you want to dress like a sea creature, goddess or just purely for comfort, you can do that here and still be accepted,” explained Mo McKnight Howe, creator of the music festival’s Party Cove.


Aniyah Adams doubled down on the flower power with her sunflower yellow style.


Hunter S. Thompson and some gal pals pose for a photo.


Josh London of The Josephines was found keeping it cool and classic.


Mo McKnight Howe wore a beaded necklace that paired well with the whimsical jellyfish that loomed overhead at Party Cove.

For women, the biggest fashion trends included rompers, fringe and a variety of statement sunglasses. Men stepped up their game in the style department as well and embraced Hawaiian shirts, bandanas and folk-inspired hats.

Soaring temperatures also played a role in what attendees wore to the festival. “It was so hot that I decided to just layer this tunic over my favorite bathing suit,” stated one event-goer.

Not to be outdone in the swimwear department, however, a few men donned colorful swimming trunks with their printed tops. A few were even bold enough to top off their look with a captain’s hat.


Priscilla Summers, Sara von Roenn, Stephanie Lindsay, Jen Lynn.


Mike Foster and Milan Chakraborty saving lives and keeping the energy high in the Party Cove.


Pearlescent fringe ready to be put into motion on Abbi Cline.


Leah Raeber kept it classy with all black clothing and brass jewelry.

Whether dressed as a gypsy, sailor or anything in between, the style mantra at Forecastle Festival was a simple one: all are welcome. VT