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Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

What is your fashion view?

To me, the word fashion means wearing something that makes you look good. Not all trends look right on every body type, and not all trendy colors look right with every skin tone. Fashion means dressing to make you feel good about yourself and no one else!

How do you describe your style?

My style can be described as easy and comfortable. I’m not too much into bold patterns or crazy accessories. I like to dress classy and simple, and maybe add a statement piece to make my outfit pop. I love versatile pieces that I can pair with something different every time.

What are your favorite pieces? 

I have a red studded blazer that I love wearing. It is probably the loudest piece I own. Honestly though, my absolute favorite piece of clothing has to be my v-neck t-shirts from J. Crew, because they are so comfortable, but also easy to dress up with either a cute pair of boots or a cardigan.

Also, I may be 6-foot-2 but I love heels. However, it is hard for me to find a time to wear them without looking like an Amazon. I have about 15 pairs of heels in my closet that have never been worn, and it makes me sick. I also am addicted to black dresses. At last count I had 14!

Where is your favorite place to shop? 

I love shopping online at J. Crew or Express. I love the simplicity of J. Crew and the structured pieces you find at Express. I also like Peacock Boutique and Pink Julep, because they are locally owned and have a great selection of styles to choose from!

Who is your fashion icon and why? 

My fashion icon is Kate Middleton. She is always put so well together, but never looks like she tries too hard. It’s that look of effortless beauty and class that I find so appealing about her. Her look is never over the top, but it still makes a statement.

Miranda Rogers McDonald is the author of When Miranda isn’t blogging about fashion or flexing her social media muscle, she is spending time with her husband and feisty Chihuahua, Niles. She believes in celebrating the smaller things in life, such as good wine and food, an interesting book and sitting on patios while enjoying conversations with her closest friends. She strives to one day join the ranks of the fashion editors that she idolizes, and to show the world that a girl from Kentucky knows a little something about style.

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