Designing Your Dream Home

A backstage look into Homearama’s “Southern Comfort” home


By Shirelle Williams
Photos by
Kathryn Harrington


Tammy Randall.

Prospect’s Norton Commons is a residential favorite offering a charming neighborhood, uniquely built luxury homes and a communal environment. Its continuous innovation in development and landscaping attracts many, including this year’s Homearama. While the anticipated annual event is only occurring virtually this year, interested parties can still view all participating homes online. One competing home gained spotlight on “My Southern Home,” a locally televised show for Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN, hosted by Executive Producer Kimberly Greenwell.The Voice-Tribune had the chance to tour the home, go behind-the-scenes on set with Greenwell and spoke with the building team, Mason Construction and designers LL&A Interior Design about the home they are calling “Southern Comfort.”

Kyle Haskins, John Barber and Kimberly Greenwell.

This traditional build complemented with Southern charm is 3,720 square feet with three-stories and four bedrooms and bathrooms. Guests are greeted by a true Southern staple; a deep wraparound front porch with ceiling fans throughout. The interior brings together multiple design concepts creating an open, bright and warm home feel. “It’s an eclectic mix of traditional and Southern styles, with a little bit of Tommy Bahama flavor,” said Tammy Randall, lead interior designer at LL&A Interior Design. “This house is fun and unique because it was already sold from the beginning. We were given parameters by the owners for what we could do and luckily our taste and the homeowner’s blended perfectly together,” said Randall.

Beyond the front door is an open floor plan with ceilings reaching 10 feet high, with double brick archways that are lightly brushed white. “The homeowners wanted the openness of a design from a previous Homearama event in Norton Commons, but they wanted the rooms to be more defined and the layout changed. We accomplished this by separating the kitchen and dining room from the great room by building the brick archways. The archways almost make you feel like you’re walking through an Italian villa,” says Owner of Mason Construction, Dan Perkins. Natural light pours into the space as French doors and a bay window are just off the rounded dining area. In the great room, there are built-in window seats and lit glass hutches on either side of the fireplace made from the same brick as the archways. There are also multiple textures in the home, from its wallpaper accents to the plants placed throughout. “Plants and greenery breathe air into a space. It’s also very Southern and creates a clean, crisp and natural feeling to a room,” said Randall. Other amenities of this home include a study and a mudroom on the main floor, and a loft converted to a cozy living space on the third floor.

The team behind “Southern Comfort” believes that multifunctionality is important and attainable for any home. This is especially evident in the home’s multifunctional basement and main floor study. The basement is equipped with a home theater including a projector, a large screen and two bars to entertain guests.  As an additional feature for socializing and relaxing, the bar even offers adjustable seating. “A unique feature is the second bar between the two columns that you can turn to view the projector screen,” said Perkins. Upstairs on the main floor, the functionality continues in the homeowner’s study. “The owner is a writer, so she requested a quiet space where she could go and work,” said Randall. The team at LL&A Interior Design kept details in mind when bringing this room together. “The study has glass walls that also function as sliding doors, a quirky twist with a vinyl wall covering made from old newspapers and built-in bookshelves that she can fill completely with her collection of books.”

Creating your dream home is something anyone can achieve is a recurring message that Greenwell teaches her audience on her show, “My Southern Home.” Greenwell said, “I’m really passionate about helping homeowners with their dream home, no matter what that dream home is.” She feels fortunate to be able to marry her education in broadcast journalism and brief experience in marketing to home building, design and renovation today. Her career in home tours and television production started with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville as the former host of “Your Kentuckiana Home.” She is now thrilled to educate viewers through the shows “My Southern Home” and “Behind the Build” on the best contractors, builders, tips and tricks to create the perfect home for you.

Greenwell also encourages homeowners to transform their small spaces to meet their dream home goals. “Our main goal is to educate and inspire. We don’t want people to be afraid of their homes, you just have to decide what you want your house to look like. That’s why we have people on the show who are going to help you create that desired space,”  said Greenwell. Greenwell shared that she still lives in her first condo purchase from her twenties. “It’s only 1,000 square feet with a small patio that I landscaped and added a love seat, flowers and a wind chime my grandmother gave me. It’s all about making it your own space and that’s what I did. That’s what my show “My Southern Home” is all about; helping people make their space their own by connecting them with the right contractors to help them do it.” According to Greenwell, all sizes and design features can provide inspiration to transform or create a space. “The study in the Homearama home is average in size compared to most homes, but inspiration can be found in the details; from its built-in bookshelves to the beautiful hooks in the cabinets to the wallpaper. You don’t always need a large space to make your home beautiful.”

The Southern Comfort home is available to view virtually at homearama.com. To see Kimberly Greenwell in action, you can watch “My Southern Home” on Sundays at 10 a.m. on the WBKI-CW 58 in Louisville, KY and Saturdays at 10 a.m. on MYTV 30 in Nashville, TN.