Colour Me Confident

Nikki Snow and Meghan Tinker.

Cancel comparison culture and find your hue


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


Meghan Tinker and Nikki Snow, Color Consultants at House of Colour, assist others in becoming their most confident self through color and style analysis. Tinker and Snow gave us some insight into House of Colour and why everyone should have a color consultation.

How did you end up at House of Colour (HOC)?

Meghan: I have been a stylist for over twelve years, mainly as a hobby and a supplement to my primary career in the pharmaceutical industry. I loved the creative aspect of styling people but had never been formally trained in body architecture or coloring.

I saw a friend’s before and after color analysis photos from House of Colour on my Instagram feed, and it stopped me in my scrolling tracks. I was in my early 40s, and several trips to Sephora had not fixed the tired and washed-out look that seemed to be a permanent state. I did not need new makeup; I needed my friend’s vibrant, healthy glow.

I went to the company’s website to see if there was a HOC near me. Unfortunately, there was not, so I did what any self-respecting entrepreneurial spirit would do and went down the research rabbit hole on how to bring this service to Louisville. Finally, after extensive training in HOC’s Style and Color Analysis processes, I opened my doors to clients in the fall of 2020.

Nikki: I went through the color analysis process with Meghan in September 2020 and knew I had to partner with her in this business before I was even out the doors. The process is about finding and highlighting the best you, not showing you how to be like “her.” It erases that comparison culture we so deeply live in today. I love how much this job meshed my background as a counselor and my love for making others feel good about themselves. I opened my doors in February of 2021 and never looked back!

Meghan and Nikki, can you tell me about your roles at HOC?

Meghan: Most of my time is spent face to face with clients through our Color Analysis and Style Analysis classes.

Nikki: My day is also spent mostly seeing clients in my studio. My weeks vary with color analysis, style analysis, personal shopping, and my favorite – closet clean-outs. Each week changes depending on what my clients need that week.

Please walk me through a color analysis.

First, using a series of various colored drapes, we narrow down if your skin undertones are warm or cool. Next, we determine if you look best in bright or muted colors. Once we have your best palette, we use that information to talk color head to toe. Next, we will do a mini-makeup routine using makeup colors that suit you, discuss hair and jewelry and finally discuss clothes, your tools and how to use them. The feedback I have received from our clients ranges from “this was fun!” to “life-changing,” so expect a good time!

After someone has a color analysis done, what’s the next step?

We give our clients a challenge when they leave. Wear your color palette and lipstick for the next three weeks. Once you get used to seeing how fresh and bright you look every day, it will be easier to part with the items that are not in your palette.

The next step is often a Style Analysis, where we discover your clothing personality and guide you on how to dress authentically to your character and body structure. From there, we can list items that would help their wardrobe be more harmonious. At this point, we might help with a Closet Review/Clean-out.

What are the benefits of having a color analysis done?

Everything we do as women: clothes, hair color, makeup and aesthetic procedures, all become simplified and automatic when you know your color palette. The choices we make when we are armed with the tools to find the most flattering cuts and colors are much more likely to be keepers in your closet. We need less because we want to wear it more.

Meghan, what advice would you offer those who struggle to find clothes that define them well?

Dress for you. So many of us are influenced when we shop. It’s ok to appreciate your stylish friend or your beloved Instagrammer’s outfits, but they might not suit you. A Style Analysis can be a great way to learn more about yourself.

Nikki, what three words would you use to describe someone after having their first color analysis done?

Refreshed. Confident. Excited.

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