Change is Good

Fleur de Lis Interiors.

Home improvement ideas from Louisville home designers and boutiques

By Shirelle Williams
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

or the past three months, while sheltering in place due to COVID-19, our homes have been stretched to their maximum functionality. They’ve been converted to classrooms, office spaces, daycare centers and every necessary function imaginable. Surrounded by the same four walls every day, many of us have also noticed that our homes could use some T.L.C. Thanks to a few local home improvement stores and designers we had the opportunity to interview, we created a simple guide to help those motivated to make easy changes to their homes.

Leaha Julius
Fleur de Lis Interiors

Brightly Colored Pillows and Artwork, prices upon request.

“Lately we’ve been selling a lot of brightly colored pillows that are geometrically shaped and designed in floral patterns. The most common colors purchased are corals and turquoise. These pillows make such a great accent to your home when you have a living room that might be dull and drab. Throw these on your sofa and it will bring the room to life!

“We’re selling a ton of brightly colored artwork too. The styles are abstract with features of sailboats and warm colors. Customers are saying artwork that has peaceful scenery makes them feel good, helps them to relax and puts them in a vacation mindset.”

Matt Jamie
Bourbon Barrel Foods

Matt Jamie.

“Louisvillians are expected to know bourbon. You don’t fully know your bourbon unless you know how to eat your bourbon. Our Eat Your Bourbon cookbook is great for people new to Louisville, who may miss Louisville, or would like to learn how to eat their bourbon. Readers will find thorough recipes and beautiful photography of breakfast and brunch, appetizers and snacks, soups and salads, main dishes, sides, baked goods, sweets and drinks.

“We consciously kept the cookbook from becoming too Southern to show the diversity and range of the ingredients. The recipes are from all over the country, with product interpretations from James Beard award-winning chefs, accomplished food bloggers and influencers, passionate fans of the products and a few from Bourbon Barrel Foods employees.

Eat Your Bourbon Cookbook, $40

“The book is an excellent gift for cooks, bourbon-lovers and anyone who enjoys a story about a man’s dream that became a phenomenal, real-life success. It has a few tips and secrets from me and how I use things in my kitchen, my story and how I started.”

Brittany Bennett
Posh Home

“Marble can elevate any room in your home by making it more luxurious. By including different textures and materials, it can give your space a more interesting and layered look!”

Marble Coasters with Brass Holder, $25; Marble Photo Frame, $45; Marble Bookends, $35; Marble Pot with Lid, $25.

Mortar and Pestle, $39; Marble Paper Towel Holder, $35; Marble Coasters with Brass Holder, $25; Marble Bookends, $35.

Marble Box with Brass Handle, $85.

Kiel Thomson
KTC Construction

“At KTC Construction, we encourage people, if they are enthusiastic and capable, to attempt several small home improvement projects on their own.

“It seems like most homeowners feel most comfortable with interior painting. To ensure your finished product looks like it was done by a professional, you must spend time prepping the area properly. Professional painters spend just as much time prepping as they do painting. Make sure all the holes in your walls and trim are filled and sanded smooth. An easy tip for this is to use a lightweight spackle to fill the holes and a lightly dampened sponge to sand the filled holes. Use a tack cloth to get all the dust off the surfaces before opening the first can of paint.”

Chenault James
Chenault James Interiors and Pappy & Company

Bourbon Barrel Stave Bowl, price upon request.

“The Bourbon Barrel Stave Bowl makes a great centerpiece. You can use it as a fruit bowl or for serving, such as a cheese plate. It also makes for great use on your coffee table or a mantle. I like leaving it out because it’s pretty and not a typical cutting board you’d want to put away.

Bourbon Barrel Hoop Sculpture, price upon request.

“I use these accessories a lot for my design clients, especially the Bourbon Barrel Hoop. It’s such a great layering piece and is simple and contemporary. I put this hoop sculpture in front of the artwork as a layering piece.”

Bourbon Barrel Wood Cutting Boards, prices upon request.

Amy Wagner
Reflections of You, by Amy

Cotton Woven Seersucker Table Runner, price upon request.

“Some fun ways to freshen and brighten up your home could include our cute runner which is a cotton woven seersucker table runner with tassels in red, white and blue!

Signature Capri Blue Candles, Hand Lotions and Soaps, prices upon request.

“Our signature Capri Blue candles, hand lotions and soaps have the perfect blend of citrus and sugar. Resembling the excitement and energy of a summer night rendezvous, this fragrance is simply unforgettable!”

Ben Palmer-Ball

Throw Pillows, prices upon request; Outdoor Rugs, $125 – $1,000; Patio Umbrella, $750 and up.

“A way to keep your outdoor furniture fresh is to change the pillows periodically and incorporate a different color or pattern. Our pillows are made of an outdoor fabric that has weather-proof filling inside. You can find pillows at Digs that you won’t find anywhere else in the marketplace.

“We customize the look for our upholstery here in the shop. Some customers use our pillows inside their house as well. The material is bulletproof from children and can be cleaned easily.”

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Bourbon Barrel Foods
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Fleur de Lis Interiors
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KTC Construction
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Posh Home
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Reflections of You, By Amy
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