Bridal Bling

Davis Jewelers shares five different bridal ring trends for 2022


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


There is an ebb and flow to all things, even wedding rings. Like we see styles trending throughout the years, some trends recycling back within a period of 20 to 30 years, there are various styles of wedding rings that trend. We spoke with Ashley Davis, vice president of Davis Jewelers, who identified five bridal ring trends for 2022. 

Mix & Match (above)

The concept for many years was an engagement ring and a matching wedding band with the idea that in the future, the band will be worn on the other hand with an anniversary ring or something, the classic bookend look on both sides of the engagement ring. Over the past several years, the concept is still this layered look, but the bride can throw in the sense of personal style. If the client is afraid to commit fully to a metal color, they can add a touch of rose or yellow. It could also be the same color but mix up the scale or setting style. 


Enhancers have been around since about the 80s. It’s been called a guard and an insert, but they’re all the same. It’s the idea of having the band go on both sides of your engagement ring. Now it’s done in a modern style instead of a classic style. It’s for the bride that loves symmetry. The chevron or V shape is the most popular. 

Oh, So Fancy Shapes

There has been an uptick in fancy shapes. Shapes do have an ebb and flow with time. Rounds are the most classic, and ovals are the most popular within the industry. Pear and emerald cuts are quickly increasing in popularity. All the setting styles are different, though. Any shape can be done with a halo or mix and match. These shapes do have a greater spread on the hand. 

Hidden Halo

Many women like simplistic lines like solitaire, and they also like the concept of a halo but think it takes away from the center stone. That’s how the hidden halo became a trend. When you look at it from an aerial view, you see the stone, but looking from a different angle, you can see the accent frame underneath. Some people call it a hidden crown. It’s a simplistic added element. 

One of A Kind

Our industry and brides have shown a desire for customizations. We can spin this two different ways. All the bridal lines we work with can be customized within the scope of their line. To couple with that, we do custom work for brides who don’t see anything in the case they want, or they have a sentimental family heirloom stone and want to incorporate it into something unique. The process is fun and engaging. We sit down with the client and walk through all the styles. We can help create a distinct look if the bride has a specific inspiration.

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