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The importance of staging outdoor spaces, even during the winter


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos provided by Berkshire Hathaway


The weather outside is frightful, so make your outdoor space more delightful! A cozy, inviting outdoor space is like a sunny winter day, alluring us to come out and enjoy the fresh air. We spoke with Real Estate Agent Cindi Calvert at Berkshire Hathaway about making outdoor spaces more welcoming, particularly in the winter. 

Why is it important for sellers to stage their outdoor spaces, especially in the winter?

You can have dining or casual living outside. If the house is small, the outdoor space can extend the indoor living space. If the home is larger, the outdoor space can open up the house and make the outside more inviting. Being able to enjoy a deck, patio or garden can enhance the indoor living space. 

In my opinion, you’re missing an untapped resource here to market your home. The easiest way to help buyers visualize themselves living in the house is by showing them how things can be. Very few outdoor spaces are staged for the winter months. 

How do you make an outdoor space more inviting?

It’s very inviting and playful when you have pops of colors that reflect the season. In the spring, you have pinks, purples, blues and yellows, and you can tone them down a little in the summer, but not necessarily. You could even do subtle blues and navy. As you go into the fall, add oranges, burnt reds, and tan. Maybe you add a fire pit with fairy lights and throw comforters on the couches to make the space cozier in the winter. Even on a cold day, if the sun is shining, it’s nice to sit out under a blanket and read a book. 

What’s an example of an outdoor space you staged?

I did an outdoor space that includes a patio, a garden area, and a large deck. Before I staged it, they had nice furniture, but it didn’t have any personality and was configured awkwardly. They had some plates with a blue and yellow color palette, but it wasn’t bringing the space together. So they added an umbrella, bought storage containers to put toys in, and rearranged the furniture to open up the space. I also got them some dragonflies and snowflakes to decorate their privacy fence seasonally. Then I brought in a mix of artificial and natural greenery, and we also got a rug. 

The cost to redo the deck was between $800-$1,000. This particular house is valued at $600,000, so when you think of the value of decorating in proportion to the house’s value, it was nothing. Now, the family spends a good part of May through October in the outdoor space, and it is more inviting when entertaining friends and family. 

What are tips for maintaining outdoor spaces?

The most important thing is to start with a clean, organized space. You want to minimize what you have so that everything enhances the feel of the area instead of taking away from it.

Have containers to store cushions, toys and other miscellaneous things in to make it easy for yourself. Please don’t put them in the basement or garage. Have an attractive-looking container that can be kept outside. A leaf blower is my favorite tool to keep a patio clean in the fall. Another thing is a good scrub brush to keep the outdoor rugs clean. The tools of the trade make everything easier.

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