Benefiting The Brave Hearts Of Kosair Children’s Hospital

Special To The Voice-Tribune
By Talia and Regan

Editor’s Note: Collegiate eighth graders Talia Blue and Regan Kommor recently volunteered with the Brave Hearts Bash, benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Hospital Foundation, held at The Workshop to complete school-required service hours. This is their experience.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to volunteer at an event for the Brave Hearts Foundation. The Brave Hearts Foundation is a support group of families in the Kentuckiana community bound together by their children’s heart conditions. The children fighting for their lives usually have to go through many heart surgeries, transplants and other medical issues. We got to spend time with lots of the kids who are a part of the Brave Heart Foundation by coloring with them, playing with them, and addressing envelopes with them. We also got to make cookies and get our faces painted which was one of the highlights of the day. We got the privilege of talking to them and asking them questions about themselves and what they like about being a Brave Heart. Some of them responded with, “I like being a Brave Heart because you get free food!” There were also responses like, “I like being a Brave Heart because it makes me stronger.” Overall, all of the kids who were Brave Hearts had great spirits about being there, which made us realize how strong they actually are. It helps you look back on your life and shows you how lucky you really are to be able to get up every morning and not have to worry about going to another surgery, treatment, or even just having to think about it. We met two sisters yesterday, who were fraternal twins. One was a Brave Heart and the other was there for support. The one sister who was a Brave Heart was so proud of herself, that her other sister was jealous that she wasn’t a Brave Heart. This shows how much the Kosair Children’s Hospital makes them at home, gives them the care they need and shows them that they can still live a normal and healthy life.

Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

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    Love my Brave Heart family!!!