Behind the Cover April 2021

Sheridan Gates and Frank the Lipizzan horse.

Photographer: Andrea Hutchinson
Stylist: Liz Bingham
Models: Sheridan Gates and Frank the Lipizzan horse
Makeup: Izzy Nolan
Hair: Danielle Toller
Attire: Glasscock Too
Location: Hermitage Farm


Welcome to our first “Behind the Cover” where we’ll give you an inside look at what goes on to create our covers each month. Unless you work in the magazine industry, creating a cover is something that requires a lot more than I think the average reader realizes. 

Ryan Mahony, Liz Bingham, Frank the Lipizzan horse, Izzy Nolan and Sheridan Gates.

For this particular issue, the Derby issue, we of course wanted to showcase a gorgeous Derby outfit from a local boutique – thank you Glasscock Too for this dress and hat that couldn’t have been more perfect – but we wanted to incorporate the horse side of things as well. So how do we find a model who’s comfortable around horses and also a venue that has photo-friendly horses? Luckily for us, in this issue you’ll find an article about the Kentucky Derby Museum and Hermitage Farm’s new joint tour they’re offering this spring so we were already in touch with the experts in the horse biz. 

Frank and Sheridan Gates.

Our stunning cover model, Sheridan Gates, happens to be not only a superstar but also the Development Manager at the Kentucky Derby Museum and she’s been riding horses her whole life! Genius! And Hermitage Farm has numerous horses, including the beautiful white Lipizzan horse named Frank that’s featured on the cover, a breed that dates back to the 16th century. According to Wikipedia, its name derives from one of the earliest stud farms established, which was located near Lipica, spelled “Lipizza” in Italian, a village in present-day Slovenia! Pretty cool, huh? 

Frank and Sheridan Gates.

An outdoor shoot with a horse poses its own issues, especially concerning the weather. The morning of the shoot when our team checked our weather apps they all unfortunately predicted rain. However, thanks to the weather gods, somehow Hermitage Farm was in a small strip of land that managed to miss the looming rain clouds and we finished the shoot scotch-free!  

I pulled numerous looks for this shoot, not able to decide if neutrals or colors would be best. Thanks to help from my friend Jeff Hunter at Glasscock Too, we decided all options were viable. I fell in love with two of the neutral outfits and wanted our readers to see both and couldn’t deprive you of their beauty with just the one photo on the cover. So, here they are thanks to the combined efforts of our incredibly talented photographer Andrea Hutchinson, our model Sheridan Gates, Frank the Lipizzan horse and his handler, our hairstylist Danielle Toller, our makeup artist Izzy Nolan and our Hermitage Farm helper, Ryan Mahony. Thank you to everyone who made this amazing cover shoot possible and I hope you all enjoy what we created!


Liz Bingham
Editor in Chief

Sheridan Gates and Frank.

Liz Bingham, Frank and Sheridan Gates.

Frank and Sheridan Gates.

Frank, Sheridan Gates and Liz Bingham.

Sheridan’s White Outfit
Alexis lace dress, $898; Diva Moscow cream hat, $450; Maggie Made Designs 14k gold with freshwater pearls and green onyx earrings, $185, available at Glasscock Too.


Sheridan’s Black & White Outfit
OO LA LA lace blouse, $220; Donna Ricco Collection silk taffeta skirt, $450; Bano eeMee leather and turquoise belt, $125; Silver and turquoise ring, $135; Louise Reed hat, $350, available at Glasscock Too.