Behind the Cover September 2021

Sarah Levitch, Beth Graham, Kathryn Harrington, Liz Bingham, Alex Hepfinger, Dana Daily, Pascalle Ballard and Andrea Hutchinson.

Voices of Influence

By Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Cover Photographer Andrea Hutchinson
Editor in Chief & Stylist Liz Bingham
Managing Editor Alex Hepfinger
Art Director Pascalle Ballard
Assistant Stylist Sarah Levitch
Model Dana Darley Daily
Jewelry Davis Jewelers
Makeup Michaela Reeves
Hair Dylan Kremier
Location Hell or High Water


When I contemplated the editorial content and photography for the September Bourbon issue, I knew it had to be exceptional. We hit a high note when we decided to feature the Director of Development & Partnerships at The Louisville Thoroughbred Society, Dana Darley Daily, as our cover model. Quickly becoming known as a powerhouse in our community, Dana’s cover encompasses an eye-catching and “I’m serious about bourbon” look that I hope you can all appreciate when it’s delivered to the newsstands and your homes around town. This is bourbon country, after all. 

Dana Daily and Michaela Reeves.

Our cover photographer, Andrea Hutchinson, recommended we use Hell or High Water as our location after I shared the inspiration image with her. It was perfect. As the team assembled the day of the shoot, we soon realized this was one special cover we were about to create. With jewelry provided by Davis Jewelers, and behind the cover images by our other Staff Photographer, Kathryn Harrington, we were on the right track for the makings of a superlative and alluring cover for the September Bourbon issue. I will let the images speak for themselves, but it was a day of visionaries coming together to create yet another unique cover. There is so much beauty and amazement in the passion and care that goes into each monthly issue. I hope you enjoy it as you flip through the pages. We are proud to share this robust issue with you that has touched a milestone for us at nearly 200 pages.

Andrea Hutchinson.

To save the best for last, as the saying goes, I’d like to pay tribute to our Editor in Chief, Liz Bingham. One afternoon, when concluding a day of meetings, she asked if we could chat, just the two of us. My stomach was filled with butterflies and instinct told me she was about to tell me of her departure. As we began the discussion, I listened to her explain the reasons why she needed to move on from her role with us. Then there it was, a lump in my throat and, of course, the tears started welling up. Doing my best not to fall into deep denial, I kept listening and knew in my heart that she was right. It was her time for a new chapter in life. As I reflect on her qualities as a human being and someone I consider a friend, there just isn’t enough vocabulary to fully describe Liz. However, I will try to do so in three words: charismatic, chic and compassionate. She is also one of the most organized and knowledgeable editors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. And I’m so grateful she knows where the comma should be on the days when I don’t. Our team will miss her smile and demure approach to life, but something tells me she won’t wander too far away. Thank you, Liz, for all that you have brought to our publication, The VOICE has expanded and flourished because of you.

Dana Daily.

Dana Daily.

Andrea Hutchinson and Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey.

Alex Hepfinger, Dana Daily and Liz Bingham.

Dana Daily, Alex Hepfinger, Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Liz Bingham.

Andrea Hutchinson, Pascalle Ballard and Alex Hepfinger.

Dana Daily and Michaela Reeves.

Liz Bingham and Dana Daily.

Andrea Hutchinson, Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Alex Hepfinger and Liz Bingham.