Behind the Cover October 2021

Alex Hepfinger.

By Pascalle Ballard
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Cover Photographer Andrea Hutchinson
Editor in Chief & Model Alex Hepfinger
Art Director Pascalle Ballard
Makeup Becca Schell
Location Lincliffe


A change is in the air! Not only is fall right around the corner, but this month brings our VOICE a fresh perspective with Alex taking the helm. Shooting the cover in the last of the summer heat was a great opportunity to see her in action! Under the expert hands of Becca’s glamouring, and a gown of dark smoke (on loan from the collection of none other than Tonya Abeln), Alex transformed into a wraith full of sass and sorcery. Check out those swirling skirts! The real challenge of the day was keeping the backdrop from tottering in the warm breeze. The sunshine offered unparalleled lighting, softened and filtered through the crisping leaves to provide a lovely ambience. You can bet Andrea and Kathryn made the most of it! 

Andrea Hutchinson and Pascalle Ballard.

Every issue astonishes me even further at our team’s individual skills and combined teamwork, and I look forward to the occasions when we have the luxury of working in each other’s company. So what better way to send off the summer season than spending it together, creating the cover that you now hold in your hands! The last of the summer sun warms our pages – just wait and see what we cook up next in our creative cauldron!  

Pascalle Ballard
Art Director

Becca Schell,
Andrea Hutchinson
and Alex Hepfinger.

Andrea Hutchinson, Steve Humphrey and Alex Hepfinger.