Behind the Cover November 2021

By Andrea Hutchinson
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Creative Director & Stylist Alex Hepfinger
Art Director & Set Stylist Pascalle Ballard
Co-Stylist Beth Graham
Hand Model Erica McDowell
Desserts courtesy of Alex Narramore, The Mischief Maker
Jewelry courtesy of Davis Jewelers


Inspiration often comes from the intersection of two competing ideals. The cover muses for VOICE Louisville’s November Giving Issue epitomize just that. We plucked our inspiration from legendary artists, then let the melding of minds between myself and the Editor in Chief take over.

Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist known for his still-life paintings of delectable sweets, cakes and pastries. He often uses hard shadows in his pieces, and his knowledge of color theory allows him to explore unique and often exaggerated styling and compositions through heavy pigmentation.

Erica McDowell and Beth Graham.

Irving Penn was an American photographer who also focused on still-life artworks, but Mr. Penn’s creations were rooted in high fashion. Penn successfully merged high fashion and still-life, elevating his subjects in ways that truly speak to the American spirit.

Pascalle Ballard, Alex Hepfinger, Beth Graham,
Lauren Sharp Anderson, Alex Narramore, Erica McDowell and Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey.

These American artists genuinely represent the idea of “Americana,” idolizing and venerating life in cities and towns across the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Americana is also represented in the merging of competing ideas, the blending into a unity that truly encapsulates the American spirit.

Beth Graham and Alex Hepfinger.

We wanted to reference these styles on this cover of Louisville’s favorite fashion and lifestyle magazine as we juxtaposed commonplace objects like pastries and sweets with luxurious jewelry and fashion. The result was simply unique and remarkable, merging and blending styles to come out the other side with art that “feeds” the American soul. As always, thank you again for choosing to read VOICE Louisville. We hope that you enjoy our feature as much as we enjoyed eating the leftovers! ϖ

Andrea Hutchinson
Cover Photographer

Photo by Andrea Hutchinson.

Beth Graham, Pascalle Ballard and Andrea Hutchinson.

Alex Hepfinger and Pascalle Ballard.

Pascalle Ballard and Andrea Hutchinson.

Alex Hepfinger and Alex Narramore.