Behind the Cover May 2022

Nick Campisano and Lauren Anderson.


By Dana Darley Daily
Photos by Kathryn Harrington
Set Stylist Jamie Campisano
1954 Alfa Romeo courtesy of Kevin Cogan
Location Lincliffe


Do you ever walk into a space, and that innate feeling of nostalgic joy, peace, opulence and a myriad of other feelings sets in, but you can’t place why? This issue could easily span hundreds of pages of local offerings that elicit these emotions. Oftentimes we can thank great design, architecture, or luxury offerings. However, it always comes down to the details. Our bluegrass state has so much charm in historic structures while thoughtfully adding more modern aesthetics in new developments to the landscape.

Nick Campisano.

This made selecting our cover model for our May Real Estate and Luxury Lifestyle & Design a no-brainer. We are honored to have Kentucky native and NYC-based disruptor Nick Campisano grace our cover. Nick Campisano of Campisano Capital and Zyyo has combined his knowledge of commercial real estate with technology. This cross-section of the market is helping to elevate how CRE business works overall while still breathing life into his hometown, Louisville.

Jamie Campisano, Lauren Anderson, Alex Hepfinger and Dana Darley Daily.

As we have seen, technology is steadily on the rise and certainly not slowing down, especially in the financial sector; Campisano is certainly taking off. Catch him if you can, in Venture Capital Investing and, from the looks of this, fashion too! It certainly has been nothing short of an exciting ride. We were lucky to take a drive out to Lincliffe with him in this stunning deep green 1954 Alpha Romeo and catch up on the most beautiful spring day. It’s safe to say we all wanted to go out and find one of these beauties for ourselves. What a perfectly designed Sunday spent catching up in the immaculate gardens surrounding an incredible estate.

As the newest member of the VOICE team, I could not have imagined a warmer welcome. A long-time reader of the magazine myself, I am elated to now call it home—what a fantastic team of creatives to be surrounded with.

Cheers to the journey; craft it well!
Dana Darley Daily

Nick Campisano, Andrea Hutchinson and Jamie Campisano.

Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Nick Campisano.