Behind the Cover July 2021

By Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey
Photographer Andrea Hutchinson
Assistant Stylist Sarah Levitch
Location Blue Grass MOTORSPORT


The photoshoot for the July Issue cover morphed several times before the final concept was imagined and ultimately created. From deciding who would be our cover model and spokesperson to a location that would work with a provocative sports car, like the Taycan Porsche provided by Blue Grass MOTORSPORT, steering the creative process is always a challenging joy for me. There has been a whirlwind of elevating change happening at The VOICE and this issue is evidence of that change. We are thrilled to announce that my role as publisher and now owner is one of the biggest changes yet. Along with my co-owner and husband Steve Humphrey, we plan to continue publishing Louisville’s only iconic magazine and providing our beautiful city with an authentic representation that reflects the goings on in our local, regional and national communities. 

Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Sarah Levitch.

With this announcement of ownership, The VOICE editor in chief Liz Bingham suggested that it seemed appropriate to feature yours truly on the cover as both a celebration and announcement of my new leadership role. After all, this is our Women in Business issue so the timing aligned perfectly. 

I could not be more pleased with the idea that my husband Steve was “geeked” as he puts it, to join the team in an ownership role as well. 

Andrea Hutchinson and Sarah Levitch.

After searching through my wardrobe for my cover-worthy look, I came across a steel gray leather biker style jacket I’ve had for a few years and it was perfect. Off I went to get ready for the shoot, no glam team needed with all my experience behind the lens and in front of the lens, and I was completely in my element. Once we were on set at Blue Grass MOTORSPORT’s car photo studio, the magic happened. Porsche Brand Ambassador Mike Brady and Blue Grass MOTORSPORT Photographer Dave Harrison polished the Taycan and prepped it for the shoot. Then VOICE Staff Photographer Andrea Hutchinson walked in with her Nikon ready to create the July cover image. My daughter Sarah volunteered to style the shoot which made the entire experience even more playful. As I gaze at the July cover, I’m grateful for photoshop and yet we wanted to keep the image strong and reflecting my true spirit: driven, persistent, confident, passionate about our city and slightly panicked each time our monthly deadline rolls around. Yet, it’s the slightly panicked adrenaline that fuels my business savvy and energizes our entire team. So, here we go zooming onward and upward!

Mike Brady.

Mike Brady and Dave Harrison.

Dave Harrison and Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey.

Mike Brady.

Sarah Levitch and
Andrea Hutchinson.