Behind the Cover January 2022

Alex Hepfinger, Ariel Simone and Ana Perez.

By Pascalle Ballard, Art Director and Blowdryer Bedazzler
Photos by Kathryn Harrington
Cover Photographer Andrea Hutchinson
Editor in Chief & Stylist Alex Hepfinger
Models Jamie Huelsman, Sarah Mattingly, Christina Naville, Ariel Simone
Hair Stylist & Set Assistant Ana Perez
Makeup Artist Becca Schell
Gowns Courtesy of The Bridal Suite
9948 Linn Station Rd. | Louisville, KY 40223
502.244.2909 | thebridalsuiteoflouisville.com
The Wedding Studio
1301 Herr Ln. #117 | Louisville, KY 40222
502.742.0025 | theweddingstudios.net

Reporting to you live from the very top of 2021, this was one marathon photoshoot, combining our cover with this issue’s fashion editorial. With just under twenty gowns – to say nothing of veils – Alex and Andrea were wrangling swathes of snowy gowns from the crack of dawn. The Bellwether Hotel offered us a retro glam setting for all of the looks, and the wedding suite was perfect for our base of operations. The second I arrived on the scene, Alex pointed me at the rhinestones and gave me orders to start glamming it up! For a lot of this shoot, I was sitting on the floor behind the couch, quietly hot glueing sequins on a blowdryer, to the sounds of Kathryn’s electro swing playlist. 

With all hands on deck, it started to feel pretty festive, not unlike the prep for a real wedding. Even our NYC-based Graphic Designer, Lane Levitch, phoned in to see the shoot in action. We made a day of it, and then it was time to turn all of our teamwork into the magazine you’re holding, which is harder than it sounds when you have so many great shots to choose from!

Ariel Simone, Jamie Huelsman and Andrea Hutchinson.

Weddings are steeped in tradition, but as someone who rocked a starry gown and a mohawk on their big day, I’m a big believer in individuality. Put your own twist on the ceremony! That was my driving inspiration when laying out this cover; a little touch of rock and roll lavender brought it to life, and with the elegant polish of our fearless leader JCLH, we’ve concocted something that really stands out. You’re holding the culmination of a huge amount of man hours and teamwork, but we have a lot of fun making it happen. I hope you enjoy it, and find a way to add your own style to 2022! 

Pascalle Ballard
Art Director

Initial cover concept.

Pascalle Ballard.

Becca Schell and Jamie Huelsman.

Ariel Simone, Ana Perez and Andrea Hutchinson.

Alex Hepfinger and Andrea Hutchinson.

Pascalle Ballard and Lane Levitch.