Behind the Cover August 2022


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Lane Levitch
Base Makeup byBecca Schell
Facepaint byAlex & Andi


When our photographer, Andrea Hutchinson, first showed me a photo she had saved on Pinterest of pink and orange wavy makeup, I was intrigued by the idea of doing an artsy fartsy look for the cover. However, in reality, I was skeptical if our team could pull off this funky, intricate look. As a creative, you shoot for the stars and either land in the milky way or in an orbit of space junk.

The morning of the shoot, I sat in silence with my espresso and wrote in my journal: “Let go of control. Let go of control. Let go of control.” I knew that if there was any chance of this look coming to life, I had to surrender to the team.
When you’re more focused on the end result, you miss out on all the joy, frustration, love, confusion and laughter that lies in the actual process of creation. When you trust the process and surrender to the fullness of the present moment, then it doesn’t matter if the final product is good or bad. The experience and process of creation itself is enough.
As the makeup was drawn on my face, I sat quietly. Everyone on the team got to see as the colorful swirls came to life, but I stayed where I was and let the process unfold. When it was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror. By some miracle, we landed in the milky way.