Behind the Cover April 2022

Kaelyn Lyverse Goodman and Maximilian Bodenbender.


Photos by Kathryn Harrington
Cover Photographer Andrea Hutchinson
Editor in Chief & Stylist Alex Hepfinger
Art Director Lane Levitch
Styling Assistant Ilana Kogan
Hair Stylist & Set Assistant Ana Perez
Makeup Artist Becca Schell
Cover Model Ciara Rasool
Dress Glasscock Too
Earrings Davis Jewelers
Fascinator The Hat Doctor
Handbag Roubaix
Pumps Belle Monde
Hot Air Balloon Louisville Balloon Rides


Spring in Kentucky is something special. But this year, it feels even more exciting than ever. After nesting in our private abodes through the cold weather, it is time to shed our winter skin and emerge ready for Spring. But this year, we are ready not only for the return of warm weather but also for social society’s rebirth. Derby Season is upon us, and we are eager to burst forth in full bloom, frocked and floral, ready to bask in all that is debaucherous and debonaire.

Maximilian Bodenbender, Ciara Rasool and Andrea Hutchinson.

This year, we set out to harness and celebrate the fun, color and creativity of Derby fashion by showcasing some exceptional hot air balloons. Our search for the perfect accent to our fashion feature led us to Captain Michael Stinson with Xclusive Balloons and transatlantic aeronaut Maximilian Bodenbender of Louisville Balloon Rides.

In true Derby fashion, we got to experience the “thrill of the bet” by attempting to pick a date in March where there would be no rain or windy weather that would sweep away the sets. Thankfully, we truly hit the trifecta when we stepped on set with decorated models, just the right amount of soft sunlight filtering through the tree branches, and the quintessential light breeze that makes for a perfect spring day.

Becca Schell, Ciara Rasool and Ana Perez.

While Captain Stinson and Mr. Bodenbender prepped the balloons, hair artist Ana Perez, make-up artist Becca Schell, and “hat doctor” Ilana Kogan flexed their creative magic and got our gorgeous models ready to showcase their best Derby looks. It truly takes a dedicated team to keep the fashion circus elevated and efficient. We are excited to present a momentous effort for the sake of fashion and to honor the most exciting two minutes in sports by showcasing the finest attire available. May you begin to daydream about what Derby fashion strikes your fancy as you drift along and take in the beautiful images in our fashion layout. Bon voyage!

Marc Ellis.

Andrea Hutchinson, Lane Levitch and Alex Hepfinger.

Ana Perez and Ciara Rasool.

Haley Harris Gatewood and Beth Graham.

Myra Rose, Lauren and Willow Anderson with Lane Levitch.

Maximilian Bodenbender.