Behind the Cover June 2021

Liz Bingham and Kevin Grangier.

Photographer Kathryn Harrington
Stylist and Model Liz Bingham
Location The Home of Kevin Grangier


For the June Issue, our Food & Wine, Outdoor Living and Weddings issue, we knew the cover needed to include a beautiful outdoor living space, a glass of wine and a whimsical outfit to accompany it. We initially envisioned using models for this shot, but with the temperamental weather this time of year and it being an outdoor photoshoot, Janice suggested that I could be on the cover “as a blurred figure in the background with the outdoor space as the forefront.” Yet, here I am, front and center on the cover. It was not what I originally planned for, as I had no professional hair or makeup done (I just did it myself), found the flowiest dress I could in my closet, grabbed the hat I still had out from Derby and my newest favorite accessory – my pearly white Moncler sunglasses from SKYN Lounge. However, as I mentioned in my Editor’s Letter, June happens to be the one-year anniversary of my first issue as editor in chief when I was also on the cover in a mask designed by my dear friend Tiffany Woodard and a fun pink blouse from Belle Monde Boutique. It’s funny how things come full circle sometimes. When Kevin said we could shoot at his house, I was thrilled to see his new abode, as with his former Bellewood Estate in Anchorage, left nothing to be desired so I knew it would be marvelous. 

In I walked one sunny Friday morning – on Kevin’s birthday actually – to a gorgeous oasis on the back of the house with flowing fountains, tropical plants and flowers aplenty, Italian statues adorning a large pool and Kevin putting the finishing touches on his new outdoor space. There were so many cover-worthy locations, it was hard to choose where to start! We laid out copies of the new issues of The Voice, poured some wine and voilà! Our very talented photographer, Kathryn Harrington, worked her magic, as did our Publisher, Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, and here you have it, the June 2021 cover of The Voice of Louisville. 

Sincerely yours,


Kevin Grangier and Kathryn Harrington.