Behind the Cover August 2021

Emily Renco, Ella Treinen, Anna Byerley, Kathryn Harrington, Kris Thompson, Ta’Neile Faye Simmons, Andrea Hutchinson, Pascalle Ballard, Adrienne Cole and Olivia Rogers.

Cover Photographer Andrea Hutchinson
Behind the Cover Photographer Kathryn Harrington
Art Director Pascalle Ballard
Stylist Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey
Assistant Stylists Anna Byerley, Emily Renco and Ella Treinen
Model Ta’Neile Faye Simmons
KMAC Couture Designer Olivia Rogers
KMAC Museum Kris Thompson
Vespa Mobile Bar provided by Adrienne & Kris Cole of Marigold Catering
Location Lincliffe


In collaboration with an amazing team of creative folks who came together to create the cover for our August issue, welcome. 

Let’s take a peek behind the cover to get an in-depth look at what it’s like to create a cover as beautiful as this one and what sparked the concept. It began months ago with an image from a fashion magazine that caught my eye that I shared with our team. As we began working on the August issue, we knew that image would be the inspiration for the perfect cover. 

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons and Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey.

Once I met Adrienne Cole, owner of Marigold Mobile Bar, I fell head-over-heels for the concept she and her husband Kris created based on “The Golden Girls,” a sitcom that first aired in 1985. The Coles own four mobile bars, each named after a character on the show: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. After discussing the concept with our team, we decided to include the mobile bar named Sophia, mostly because it’s an adorable Vespa and we knew it would work with our vision of the cover. 

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons and Olivia Rogers.

Working with Kris Thompson from the KMAC Museum and KMAC Couture Artist Olivia Rogers was a creative bonus. Thompson shared, “KMAC Museum is excited for the film version of KMAC Couture 2021 ‘Beauty and the Beat’ showcasing 33 artists’ wearable art designs and directed by five different local filmmakers. Artist Olivia Rogers, whose piece is featured on the cover, has been participating in KMAC Couture for the last four years. She has gone on to major in fashion marketing and management at SCAD. We look forward to the premiere of ‘Beauty and the Beat’ at Resurfaced on October 1, 2021. Thank you to The VOICE for putting together this awesome cover and story about the making of the film!”

Lauren Sharp Anderson and Adrienne Cole.

As you can imagine, selecting the person for a cover like this one can be challenging. However, upon a timely recommendation by Andrea Hutchinson, one of our staff photographers, we were able to select just the right person. 

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons and Andrea Hutchinson.

Meet Ta’Neile Faye Simmons, our cover model, with a megawatt smile and personality to match. “When I got the message from Janice that I had been chosen for the cover of The VOICE for their August issue, I was beyond ecstatic,” said Simmons. “The VOICE has always represented poise, creativity and diversity, and to be able to embody that for one of their covers has been such an honor. This shoot didn’t feel like many of the others I had been on. This warm energy radiated throughout the entire room. You could tell that everyone was excited to be there, the encouragement was real and genuine. I think that makes all the difference. You can truly make art when everyone is invested. You could tell someone’s vision was brought to fruition that day. My favorite part of the shoot was definitely the venue. The lush garden was beautifully adorned with magnolia blossoms. Even though it was blazing hot, the team went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable in my long sleeve avant-garde couture piece. I had the honor of wearing a piece by Olivia Rogers, which was spiked yet comfortable, made from sustainable materials. The Vespa I sat on was so cute that now I want to try out Marigold Mobile Bar sometime soon! It has been such an honor to work with The VOICE and their entire team. It’s always exciting to leave a shoot feeling like you’ve performed to the best of your ability but it’s another when you know that everyone working alongside you had your best interest, pushed just as hard as you did for a goal and still kept their humanity at the forefront of the shoot. They made me feel like I was part of their family. I am truly grateful for this experience.”

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons.

The day of the shoot was magical and everyone’s talents combined to create a special cover for the August issue of The VOICE. We are grateful for that talent and the opportunity to work with terrific folks from our community. After all, it is your voice we want to hear!

Kris Thompson, Olivia Rogers and Pascalle Ballard.

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons.

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons and Andrea Hutchinson.

Ella Treinen, Anna Byerley, Pascalle Ballard, Andrea Hutchinson and Ta’Neile Faye Simmons.

Pascalle Ballard.

Emily Renco.

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons and Andrea Hutchinson.

Ta’Neile Faye Simmons and Andrea Hutchinson.

Adrienne and Kris Cole.