“Tune on, Turn out”

The TunesmithsFor their latest release, the redefining EP “Full Time Hustle,” The Tunesmiths split their time between two of Louisville’s finest record producers, Kevin Ratterman at La La Land and Dave Chale at DeadBird Studios. Band guitarist Bryce Gill said, “This EP is special because it is our first project working with them both … It’s not always the case, but we found using two studio wizards was better than one. They both had major influences on the production, and the end result was the most intricately mixed and sonically rich songs to date.”

Tell me about each of the songs. What inspired them?
Three of the four tracks were written as our original drummer was transitioning out of the band. “Led It Out” was our first song written with the new line-up, which now includes a Bonham/Peart hybrid beast of a drummer named Jason Ferguson. Some may notice a trend, as this is now our second song including a Led Zeppelin reference in the title (“Led Red” from “Derby City 2013”). We wanted to highlight the power of songwriting and performance as an unparalleled means of emotional release for both the musicians and audience, if done correctly. Zeppelin showed us the way, so this is another song for us to show honor and reverence to them.

“Full Time Hustle” is tight, upbeat and, most importantly, danceable. To me, this song represents the new direction of The Tunesmiths. The first incarnation of the band began as a rock ‘n’ soul group with mostly mid-tempo songs, soulful ballads and the occasional heavy riff. As we performed more, recorded, and grew as musicians, it became almost a necessity to pick up the speed and move towards more of a garage rock sound, which is a lame genre label for simplistic rock with bad tone.

We fit right in place with the emerging army of blues-rock bands taking cues from the newly-successful White Stripes and the Black Keys. Because of those comparisons, our next goal was to drop all blues scales and become the tightest original rock ‘n’ roll group in the region, with the strongest songs and performance. As the title track, this song preaches our relentless work ethic and calls out the “blog rock bands” for relying on hype from disengaged online resources, hit-making formulas and cookie cutter aesthetics as their path to success. We’ve never tried to make a radio hit, but this would be the closest thing to one we’ve released yet.

“Glass of Chocolate Milk in a Coca-Cola Bottle” is a straight-forward rock ‘n’ roll diddy inspired by a curvy, pretty lady. Sylvia Walters and Gina Dougan really shine in this song with their invaluable backing vocals. You’ll hear them on “Full Time Hustle” as well. Don’t be surprised if you see them with us more at live shows.

“El Mundo” – Our singer was stood up on a date by a certain aforementioned lady at a local eatery. This song is a playful tale about him going to El Mundo after being stood up, meeting someone else and having a great time. Jonathon Mitchell is featured on backing vocals, helping spruce up our usual grunty backing section.

You’re playing two shows on April 4. What’s up with that?
Double booking isn’t too uncommon, whether intentional or not. There is such a variety of music-related events in Louisville, it’s very frequent to find early afternoon and late night gigs being offered on the same date. We were asked to play a fundraiser for the Mighty Kindness group and we had to say yes. They are great people, and the Earth Day Hoot is one of our favorite events of the year. We happily agreed to perform at this year’s fundraiser at Apocalypse Brew Works.

It just so happens that a great rock duo out of Indiana called Brother O’ Brother asked us to play at Mag Bar on April 4th, which is traditionally known for late night shows. We took that as an opportunity to help a great local organization, play an early evening outdoor show at a brewery, and then make a few bucks and new friends at one of our favorite late night dives. Cover bands play two to three sets in one night; why can’t we rock a few sets around Derby City? VT