Staying Green

Tom GreenA comedian, actor, late night host and even rapper, Tom Green has done it all. You know him from MTV’s “The Tom Green Show” or maybe MTV’s “The New Tom Green Show.” He’s acted in feature films such as “Road Trip,” “Freddy Got Fingered” and “Stealing Harvard,”or maybe you’ve checked out his brand new (aptly named) podcast “The Tom Green Podcast.” I recently spoke with Green on his way to the airport, to help promote his two special appearances this Friday, March 13 at The Laughing Derby.

Chris Humphreys: You started by performing stand-up comedy at 15, you’ve filled in on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” you’ve released rap albums and acted in films – you’ve done it all. Is there one medium that attracts you more than the rest?

Tom Green: I’m having a lot of fun doing stand-up, it’s the most fun. Getting laughs from everybody and having a good time, it’s literally like going to a party every night for your job. So it’s fun and I’m excited to be traveling around the country and performing for audiences all over the world. I was doing an internet show a few years ago … I had been doing the show for a while and I had started seeing all the requests from all over the world from people saying “you should come out perform out here!” and that’s sort of what got me back out on the road and I’m having a blast doing it.

Humphreys: You just relaunched your podcast, “The Tom Green Podcast.” In the first episode you mentioned that you want to make it stand out and be different from every other podcast out there. How are you going to do that?

Green: Honestly, I have no idea (laughs). I’m just kind of experimenting with it now and I think that’s kind of the fun of it. I have a studio in Los Angeles that we built last year and we’re just basically starting to do a regular podcast and a regular web broadcast, which is more television, I call it “Webovision.” But yeah, it’s going to be in the experimental phase starting now, so I’m not sure where it’s gonna go, but I definitely know we’re going to do some innovative stuff that you don’t see much.

In the podcast, it’s probably just going to start getting really weird. There’s something fun about the theatre of the mind of radio and podcasting where people can’t see you. So much of the (podcast) comedy is going to come from just silliness and strange characters, and weird things that I do on the podcast that I maybe wouldn’t do on the Webivision show. It’s going to be fun.

Humphreys: What can people expect from the Webivion show?

Green: The Webivision show is in this evolution right now where we’re literally going on the air and trying to figure out how to turn the microphones on. Myself and a couple friends are building the studio from the ground up, all by ourselves … so it’s going to look very gorilla and very raw and very real and there’s going to be a lot of really weird stuff going on in there … it’s essentially a talk show on the internet and we’re going to start having a lot of really cool guests on there.

Humphreys: Growing up as a 13 year old boy, I was a huge fan of “Road Trip” and “Freddy Got Fingered.” When will we get to see you on the silver screen again?

Green: I’m shooting a film this year called “Iron Sky,” actually the sequel, “Iron Sky 2.”

Humphreys: Nazis on the moon, right?

Green: Yeah, except now they’re in hollow Earth. I’m playing a Steve Jobs inspired cult leader, that’s going to be really cool. I did a movie last year “Total Frat Movie,” and it’s really funny – like a “Road Trip” kind of movie, I play the dean in that one. And then I’m in the new “Trailer Park Boys” movie “Swearnet,” which was a lot of fun.

Humphreys: What would you tell someone that’s never been to a stand-up comedy show before to get them to come out and see your show?

Green: I want people to know, if you’re expecting it to be a one man show or me talking about stories from my life – that’s not really what it is. I do a little bit of that at the end of the show to satisfy the hardcore fans of the older stuff, the TV shows and movies and stuff. But really it is a stand-up comedy show. I’m talking about social issues, and the media, and observations on life and relationships – it’s a very in your face, interactive show where if you’re sitting in the front row, you’re probably going to be part of the show. If you’re sitting in the middle or back, you can sit back and enjoy and watch the absurd ways I mess with the crowd. There’s a lot of improv, it’s very high energy and it’s a hilarious show. I performed at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland last year and got five star reviews. You’re going to laugh harder than you ever have before in your entire life for a solid hour and a half.

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