State of the Art

Local, Southern and European Inspirations

*O*P*E*N* at The Speed

The Speed Art Museum is presenting a new solo exhibition with works from Keltie Ferris, a Louisville native who now lives in Brooklyn, New York. This new exhibit – titled, “*O*P*E*N*” – explores unique forms of abstract painting to represent the fluidity and vibrance of Ferris’s identity. The show runs now through Feb. 3, 2019.

Donnett & Turner

The Donnet & Turner exhibit at the Carnegie Center, running now through Dec. 1, features work from Southern artists Nathaniel Donnett and Vadis Tuner. Both artists use traditional, found materials to reflect multi-generational experiences from their communities of Houston and Nashville.

Semper Augustus

The Moremen Gallery is presenting a new solo exhibit featuring the works of Tiffany Calvert called “Semper Augustus.” Inspired by the elements commonly found in Dutch and Flemish still-life paintings, Calvert explores the idea of perception and representation through her paintings by blurring and emphasising certain details. “Semper Augustus” will be showcased at the Moremen Gallery from Oct. 19 through Nov. 17.