State of the Art

An uncommon venue, an extraordinary collection and an organic inspiration

1. AC Hotel NULU, 725 E. Market St., is exhibiting art pieces from Kate Mattingly, Ewa Perz along with a permanent installation done by Steve Heine through Nov. 1. Kate Mattingly presented the sculptural artwork that is located near the elevators on the first floor of the hotel. Ewa Perz riddled eight paintings throughout the first and second floors of the building, and Steve Heine crafted the artwork composed of four lighted panels that resides in the corridor.

2. Joey Yates’ show of artist-made records and record covers, “Spin: Turning Records into Art,” is being displayed at the KMAC Museum, 715 W. Main St., until Aug. 5. This is accompanied by recent projects from contemporary artists who make use of the record in their sculptures and installations, including Rutherford Chang, Ajit Chauhan, Jamal Cyrus, David Ellis, Terrence Hammonds, Jennie C. Jones and Cynthia Norton. A substantial portion of the show features records from the collection of Michael Lowe, a Cincinnati-based art collector, with over 2,000 records that are international in scope and reflect the myriad historical relationships between the artist and the record.

3. “Botanicals,” the 13-piece installation by American photographer Laurie Tennent, is being presented at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens through Oct. 14. This series was created from a passion for beauty and a longing for a more meditative presence. Tennent works with botanists in the garden and discovers specimens in nature before capturing their portraits. She creates the images in her Birmingham studio and prints them on durable aluminum with a technique that fuses the pigments into the metal panels. These panels can be installed indoors and outdoors, often planted right back into the garden.