‘Southern Sounds’ Is the Speed’s Celebration of Women in Southern Music

By Minda Honey  |  Arts & Entertainment

Get your jam on at the Speed on Saturday, July 22 for the museum’s “Southern Sounds: Women in Contemporary Southern Music” festival. The Speed’s “Southern Accent” exhibit has a strong music component, and the festival is just one of the many ways the museum is celebrating the songs of the South in conjunction with the exhibit. Miranda Lash, curator of contemporary art at the Speed Art Museum and co-curator of the “Southern Accent” exhibit, says of the exhibit’s strong ties to music, “Music is such an integral part of how we understand the South and how the knowledge about the South has been disseminated throughout the world. … Given that a large number of artists in ‘Southern Accent’ were inspired by music and we have the Southern Accent Music Library as part of the exhibition, it seemed vital that we tie the Speed’s Concert Series into this discourse and celebrate innovative musicians at the same time that we are highlighting innovative artists.”

How was the lineup chosen for the festival? “The Speed worked with a talented Nashville musician, Erin Rae McKaskle, lead singer of Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles, on crafting a lineup of six talented female singer-songwriters whose music has deep roots in the South,” Lash describes.

McKaskle, who is currently on tour in Europe, thinks and feels deeply about music. “I love to see the nuances in today’s music that are subtle but traceable if you’re nerdy enough to look for them, like I am sometimes.” So she was honored to partner with the Speed. “We are so fortunate that the women in this scene and [Nashville] really champion each other and have each other’s backs, and the scene is so rich with talent it feels a bit like show-and-tell to bring these musicians to Louisville for such a neat event.”

McKaskle chose musical Jack-of-all-trades Kate Campbell for the festival because she grew up listening to her music with her mother and aunt. She’s also a huge fan of the other women she selected for the show: Soul singer Kyshona Armstrong, Appalachian-influenced Dori Freeman, ethereal desert rock hymn singer Thayer Sarrano and Kentucky crooner Kelsey Waldon.

All proceeds from ticket sales – $10 for members, $20 for non-members – will benefit Louisville’s leading resource for domestic violence and rape crisis, The Center for Women and Families. VT

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“Southern Sounds: Women in Contemporary Southern Music”

Speed Art Museum

July 22, 1 p.m.