Meditations for the Goddess in You

By Graham Pilotte

If you have ever wanted to connect to your inner goddess, this may be your time. Amy Bammel Wilding, founder of Red Tent Louisville, has now authored a series of meditations entitled “Wild and Wise,” a book created especially to honor the female experience. 

“Wild and Wise is a collection of guided meditations that I have written over the past five years,” Wilding explains. “They were originally written for women’s circles I lead at Red Tent Louisville. Their purpose is to help women access an inner realm they may not be connected to as a result of being women in a patriarchal culture.”

Red Tent Louisville is a local community founded by Wilding. “It’s a sacred interfaith women’s community where we honor specific experiences of women,” Wilding explains. “We come together in sisterhood to share our truth and our stories.”

The book started organically, Wilding asserts: “I’ve been working with women for many years, and inevitably a couple of women would come up to me and say, ‘I’m interested in doing more work with this meditation. Could you send it to me?’” Wilding says. “What I realized is that this is real medicine for women.

“I was encouraged by the women of my community and by women globally to share this medicine in a more accessible way,” Wilding says. “It took a while to get comfortable with the idea of just sending it out there, but I felt like it was really important to offer. I feel like the meditations don’t come from me, but they come through me.”

The book’s structure is clearly divided into three sections for readers. “The first is based on the Sacred Feminine, inviting women to connect with the sacredness of themselves as females,” Wilding says. “The second section has thirteen meditations based on the goddess archetype, from all different cultures. It invites women to connect with the characteristics of these goddesses. And the third section is based on the wheel of the year – our inherent relationship with the seasonal and lunar cycles and how those are metaphors for the cycles within our own female bodies.”

The book is meant for all women, whether they plan to meditate alone or in a group. “For women who aren’t part of a women’s circle, the audio book is probably the most accessible and powerful way to listen to the meditations,” Wilding says, although she invites readers to join in at Red Tent Louisville. “The paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon to be officially launched on October 14, and the audio version will be available on Audible and iTunes.”

“The invitation to connect to our power and agency through these meditations and through real education about our bodies is the path for lifelong well-being,” Wilding says. “It’s an awakening to see the ways our culture disconnects us from our inner knowing and to understand the deep sacredness of our female experiences.”

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