At Home with Edward Heavrin

By Janice Carter Levitch

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Edward Heavrin is a filmmaker with a passion for documentary storytelling. He calls home a 1913 Catholic school and convent that was once part of Saint Brigid Catholic Church. It was sold in 1984 and converted into apartments. Inside Heavrin’s space, you get the sense of his creative nature, a keen eye for specific design elements and his achievements as a filmmaker.

“The Potter’s Field” is his proudest accomplishment – a documentary about high school students who volunteer to give funeral services for the homeless and unknown. He also made a documentary that follows Steve Wilson, co-founder of 21c Museum Hotels, as he navigates the art and design world to bring his award-winning concept to life. “In Frame: The Man Behind the Museum Hotels,” premiered at the Kentucky Center and has since had TV screenings on PBS affiliate stations nationwide.

In 2012, Heavrin formed eALLEN Pictures, a commercial video company that has created hundreds of videos for national brands including the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Frazier History Museum, Bulleit Bourbon, PSA Airlines, Diageo and many more. To view his work visit

Heavrin recently invited us into his home to share his five favorite things.

1. WWII Japanese Soldier’s Canteen

“I love antique shopping, and this was one of the first pieces I ever purchased,” he recalled. “It’s a Japanese soldier’s canteen from World War II.” Heavrin went onto say, “When I picked it up, I could feel the weight of history and the story attached to this inanimate object. It gave me an appreciation for antiques and thus my collecting began.”

2. “Be Buffalo” by Joshua Huettig

“Huettig is one of my favorite Louisville artists,” Heavrin said. “He is proof that you don’t need technical ability or proper art schooling to succeed. All you need is passion, an opinion and the confidence to put yourself out there. A lot of friends aren’t keen on his work at first, but after a few visits to my apartment, they begin to ask where they can acquire a piece for themselves.”

3. Patton Oil Hat

“In his prime, my father was an entrepreneur who owned over 20 side businesses while still maintaining his day job as a lawyer,” Heavrin explained. “One of the businesses he owned was an oil company based out of Texas.”

He continued, “His oil company had struck millions of dollars of oil and he and his partners were all going to be rich. Unfortunately, greed overtook them and they drilled deeper and unexpectedly hit water, which ruined the oil and their fortune. This hat is a good reminder that greed kills.”

4. Art Deco Light Fixture

“I can’t just go to IKEA and buy a light fixture,” Heavrin admitted. “I have to punish myself for months, combing through antique stores for the perfect piece, often not knowing what I’m looking for until I find it. This fixture is the pay off from that fun yet arduous process.”

5.  Vote for ‘Tink” matchbook

Heavrin’s grandfather was a farmer and hardware store owner in Springfield, Kentucky. Having no prior legal experience, he decided to run for judge several years ago. “I admire his confidence to go after something with no prior experience,” Heavrin said. “He ended up losing and claimed the race had been fixed.” VT