A Gathering of the Fans

TVT_6923Fandomfest, a local comic convention or “con,” was held at the Kentucky International Convention Center last weekend, August 7-9. The con welcomed celebrities, fans, and cosplayers to join together and celebrate their passion for arts of all genres.

The vendor hall created a nostalgic atmosphere that drew consumers in with memorabilia reminiscent of their childhoods. Exhibitors catered to consumers of all ages with a wide array of merchandise. The prices conveniently dropped on Sunday when vendors were making their final attempts to pitch sales before emptying their booths.

TVT_7018Each aisle was packed with superheroes, princesses, and other cosplayers who dressed to match their pop culture preferences. If you have ever been totally enamored with a particular character from a game, book, show, or film, you were likely to spot his or her doppelganger at the con. Or perhaps you decided to dress up as well, a popular choice not only accepted, but encouraged by con crowds. All those who attend Fandomfest are given the freedom to be who and what they want to be with the reassurance that they will be accepted without judgment.

This year, Fandomfest presented guests with the opportunity to meet some of their favorite celebrities. Amongst the lineup was Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher, Kevin Smith or “Silent Bob,” John Schneider and Tom Wopat from Dukes of Hazzard, and Arthur Darvill, better known as “Rory” from Doctor Who. Many fans were disappointed by last minute cancellations from several of the other main guest stars such as Billy Dee Williams, and actresses Karen Gillan and Billie Piper, who both starred as companions on the show Doctor Who. At the Carrie Fisher panel, it was announced that David Barclay, Star Wars’ puppeteer chief for Jabba the Hutt, was detained due to his involvement with an upcoming Muppets production. Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca from Star Wars, was also unable to attend.

TVT_7006There was much confusion amongst attendees who were unable to get directions or time frames for various events that had been unexpectedly rescheduled. Some events were not held in the time frame or place listed in the Fandomfest schedule. The Body Art Contest, for example, started twenty minutes early and ended ten minutes before its official starting time on Saturday night.

Despite the lack of organization, the con offered ample opportunity for customers to occupy their time. Various forms of entertainment were provided including shows, sales, meet and greets, and games. They even had an inflatable bounce house section and free performances by The Alley Theatre.

Overall, Fandomfest proved to be a success. With support and feedback provided by the local community, Fandomfest will continue to improve to satisfy future attendees.

Photos by Chris Humphreys | The Voice-Tribune