Ann Dreisbach of Whitehouse Residential and Commercial Painting

A mother-daughter business dedicated to quality craftsmanship, professionalism and exceptional employees


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos provided by Whitehouse Residential and Commercial Painting


Whitehouse Residential and Commercial Painting pride themselves on the meticulous craftsmanship and enduring quality of their work. With years of experience, they have built a name for themselves that most everyone in the Kentuckiana community will recognize and trust. We were fortunate enough to learn more about the distinguished company from the Director of Marketing, Ann Dreisbach. 

Tell me about Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting and what it means to be a mother and daughter business.

We are a full-service professional painting company. It is a family business, and we refer to ourselves as partners. Amy Bergeron, the owner of Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting, manages our staff of 40 people and handles the day-to-day operations and production. I do marketing and development. I’m so proud of her and what she’s accomplished as a mother. It brings me joy to see her success. Our business has grown exponentially, and she has made that happen. She grew up in a family business. My husband is part of the Dreisbach family of Dreisbach Wholesale Florists, a company started in 1911, so Amy understands how to run a successful family business. 

We have painters that have been with us for a long time because they like our professional work environment and how we care about them. We refer to our painters as professionals. Every day we have painters calling who want to work for our company because we have an excellent reputation. They want to wear our shirts.

What spaces do Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting paint?

We love to do family homes and see how happy a family is when their home is freshened up! We also do banks, schools, churches, commercial buildings, large offices, warehouses, airports, business centers, retail centers, malls, distilleries and barns. We cover it all. Our favorite project was the St. John’s Center for Homeless Men, a church built in 1858. It’s here in Louisville on Clay Street. It was a transformational project that involved plaster repair and painting. We worked with an interior design, and we installed a four-story scaffolding because the ceiling is five stories high. We also cleaned and repaired several old paintings. It was challenging, but our painters took great pride because it is where people can come to find solace.

What is a helpful tip for a homeowner looking for painters?

When looking for a painter, always ask if they warranty their work and use the highest quality paints. Be sure they have workman’s comp insurance and liability insurance. Ask them to show you their certificates. That’s very important to you as a homeowner. At Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting, we offer 100% customer satisfaction and warranty our work. A warranty is only as good as the company warranting. If somebody is only in business for a year, and they warranty your work, they may not be around in a few years when you need someone to do warranty work. We also have carpenters that work with us to repair wood rots or put up shutters.

Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting
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