Adorn Louisville Bridal Shop

Getting to know the NuLu based bridal boutique that specializes in customization and self-expression


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Madison Arnold


Established in 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee, Adorn Bridal recently opened its doors to the Louisville community in January 2022. We spoke with the owner Jennie Dickens and the Louisville store manager Bethany Hogsett to get to know Adorn and learn about some recent wedding dress trends.

Tell me about Adorn and how you all ended up in Louisville.

Jennie: We were getting a lot of Louisville brides in our Nashville store, which is fabulous, but we realized that what we do is unique. Our stylists are true stylists. They work with a bride to customize a dress in conjunction with a seamstress. We decided to go to Louisville because we felt we could better service a Louisville bride.

What is the experience like at Adorn Louisville?

Bethany: Overall, the experience is exactly what you’d get in Nashville. The team is trained the same way, but the NuLu store in Louisville has its own heart and voice. As we opened, we figured out who our Louisville bride was. I joke about the saying, “keep Louisville weird.” We know that the Louisville bride is a little bit funky. We found that the brides here still love timeless looks, but they make it personal with accessories.

Jennie: The building we’re at in NuLu is 150 years old. It has an urban industrial vibe, so it doesn’t feel stuffy or old school. It’s very fresh and fun.

What dress styles have you all seen trending recently?

Jennie: We’ve seen a lot of sleeves.

Bethany: That is true! They’re back and better than ever.

Jennie: Another thing we’re finding is that not every sleeve on a dress will enable you to have as much fun at your reception as you want. A dress that is off the shoulder doesn’t allow you to get down and party because they keep you tight. We have a seamstress make the sleeves detachable or attached with an elastic so that when the bride wants to dance, she can move better. When we get to know our brides and what they really want from their whole wedding, we can take the customization a step further.

What distinguishes Adorn from other bridal boutiques?

Bethany: The customization and the experience. Before our brides come in, we get to know who they are, not just their style. We want to know about their relationship, their love story and how they want to feel when they get married. Through COVID, more brides have been saying they want their wedding to be fun and express who they are. The root reason we offer customization is both for stylization and creativity and so that every bride can fully lean into who they are. That’s why what we do doesn’t get old. It’s different every time. It’s like when you’re meeting a new friend and getting to know them.

Jennie: Every bride is unique, and what we do is so natural. We don’t train salespeople; we have stylists who guide the bride to her dress. This is all about finding the right dress for the bride. We don’t have a set process or program. I chose the name Adorn because it means to enhance beauty. We believe every bride is beautiful, and her dress should enhance her innate beauty.

Adorn Louisville Bridal Shop
629 E Market St.
Louisville, KY 40202