Ace These Exercises To Become A Better Golfer

By Bert Kremer
Wholly Fit Columnist 

You can feel it in the air: the warmth that comes with spring and the desire to enjoy it on the golf course.

As you prepare to dust off the golf clubs, don’t forget about the most important piece of equipment: your body.

The following golf-specific training program will help you increase your club head speed and your accuracy within a few weeks if done consistently – at least twice a week – and with proper form.

“Most great ball strikers begin by generating power from their lower body and transferring that power through their torso into their arms and into the club,” said Joe Lively, the golf fitness coach at ProFormance.

So power up and get your golf game on!

Contact Joe Lively, Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Coach, at or 502.895.3472.